Friday, 10 December 2010


Whoa a none video one.

You wont be seeing my ugly face this time.

Ok so arcade machines. These monoliths (or stereoliths if you are getting fancy). YES I AM MOANING ABOUT THEM!, ok not them in general, but the shape of them. I know there meant to be big(probably to stop people from nicking them as when most are opened up there’s next to noting inside). I am talking about a certain type. These are those generic ones that are made with no game in mind. Like those Candy cabs (google it). Admittedly they are nice and great space savers, but they ain’t a patch on a good old defecated cabs like Operation Wolf, Pac-Man Silent hill (yes there’s a arcade version of it and its good) and OutRun 2 (probably one of the most happy games ever) and etc etc.(In before sarcasm) Its just these generic ones are a bit soulless, with all there brighter than white colour scheme. I know there’s are dark times for the humble old arcade and its a damn sight cheaper to make a board than a entire cab dedicated to one game, but what about a bit of branding? A sticker for the side of the cab or a marque? It cant cost that much to make them.

I am the moaning sod and that was this Fridaily moan thanks for reading

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Capcom Ryuharsh again

Yep its another video one. You dont have to watch it (for the most part)


Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Move - Is in da porn

The usual trawl threw the news sties made my eyes see the following

The nerd within thought "You doing it wrong"
The dirty fecker thought "It needs to be lower"
The gamer thought "What are they playing?"