Saturday, 27 November 2010

Kinect is not arse

Ok its time for me to Get my moan on.

Its bound to be Friday somewhere in the universe.

I have been in to much of a good mood in the past few days due to recent developments. (I walk and play with dogs for a living what do you do you desk bound peons? Just make the rich richer? Ill save the bragging till I find out if I like it.

Well in the past you lot have found out that I don’t like the Kinect one bit. That is a lie. I like the hardware. I like the hardware a lot it shows promise. You can see a lot of what’s its good for on the following site.

Kinect hacks

Microsoft are being nice and allowing this as it means they are shifting them. It also means that the pack in game is getting traded in. So good on them! Really I’m glad that they are letting people do great things with great tech. Even if it is just a tarted up Eyetoy. The move on the other hand........Nobody wants to have it as they have had the Wiimote for the past few years and it has all been done with that.

So yes this is me praising the Kinect, BUT NOT THE GAMES! The games are still the bottom of a can of spam at the bottom of a skip with other spam about somebody getting there teeth white marked “Bull shit only”. (My teeth are white as I don’t eat half the crap most people do).

So yeah THE KINECT IS RADICAL! Its just the games I have a problem with.

(Children of Eden might be good, I am not looking forward to it)

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Midweek madness Movie moan

Oh looky its a video one
Click the link to see it. There where a few takes as sometimes the parrot is a bit too noisy while I talk

Friday, 19 November 2010

3DS goes red and black with a hint of shite

Ok so this weeks Moan is a video one and here it is

The console in question is arse. The idea behind it was good to start with then they removed all but two colours

Friday, 12 November 2010

Show some COD RESPCT!

Ok that video moan I was going to do is on the back burner for a week (gotta make is sound less like I am whispering), but mainly as there is another thing that really gets on my flat man tits. It is the following...
Check the dates that the last COD games have come out. Its ok I can wait.......
Yeah they are bringing them out a bit to close to November the eleventh (Armistice day). Why are they bringing a game about shooting people in some war type thing around this time? Cant they hold it off for a few weeks? Or are they just being uncaring little fags? I am voting for the later.
Ok I admit that I think the COD games are a example of copy paste game design to the extreme as thats how they make them. As a matter of fact they change very little of it and call it “NEW” and that its self isn't that “New” its so old that its in a old folk’s home on life support and only coming out to get fed more soup (with out chunks).
One thing they could at least do is turn the online/servers off for a few minutes and show a poppy just to show some kind of respect, but no. That would require a bit of programming that isn't just copy paste.
COD guys dont do respect

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Shining farce

Well its time to “Get my moan on” and there has been one thing bugging me of late. Ok a few “Things” that have been. Not all games related, but ill keep them to off topic moans in the middle of the week. Heck I have a few in writing that have those little full stops in a line like this ”............” to remind me to finish them. Ok that’s enough of that you are probably only reading this to read my a bit long rants about games.

There’s a sires that seems to of stopped being made. It is one of those that is fondly remembered among fans. One that I my self think has no black sheep in its family (No its not Bubsy). One that ok it is still going, but not in the way its fans want it to be and this makes them sad (and my more annoyed than Mr Angry losing on a game thanks to a cheap CPU player). This series name is “Shining Force” Ok the “Shining” series is still going, but they are nothing like the Shining Force games as well for starters they are not Strategy Role Playing Games (SRPG for short). Why they are not making the Shining force games is a mystery as SRPGs are still being made and are still popular. Ok so they have changed a little since the Shining Force games started out, but that’s called progress. If that never happened we would be stuck playing updates of the same old games (Street fighter 2 I am looking at you).
In my eyes its PROGRESS MY ARSE! What’s wrong with new versions of older games? Well for those that didn't know Sega are still putting out the first few Shining force games, but not the third one. WHY NOT THE THIRD?
Come on Sega. That was one of the last few games on the Saturn in the UK and they DIDNT FINISH IT OFF! Well not for us poor sods in the UK. Parts two and three are out in Japan (two has been given a fan translation). So everywhere else don't get the full story just part of it. To get what im talking about. Picture Star Wars. Now think of it as only the Phantom Menace (Ouch thats a sore point for Star Wars fans) that can be watched and the rest of them in some alien language. Yes its just like that. Only with something that will make you want to watch it all or play it all in this case (and no Jar jar binks).
In recent years the “Shining” series of games have become awful (well the ones that came out over here a lot stayed in the US/Japan, but going off reviews we haven’t missed much.)
Or maybe it is that the company that made them (they have gone by a few names, but are known as Camelot software planing) are afraid of the likes of Disgaea, Fire emblem, Advance/whatever Wars and Final Fantasy Tactics.
Ok maybe not some of them as they are shite, but Disgaea shows us how its done thanks to the amount of stats adding that will make Carol Vordaman confused, character building that will make a weekend company course look crap and the longevity of a book that makes you forget you read it at the end of it.(very handy unless its crap).
Its that good. Ok its story and settings are a lot more varied than Shining Force (Netherworld, Earth, Space and some dungeons), but at least the characters are different and above all else ITS FUNNY! Humour is something that is lacking from a lot of games these days and this game has loads of it, but its not something that you can just complete and put it to one side. Its something that will eat up your spare time and has that old “One more go thing”
For something a bit more Shining force like Id suggest you try some thing like Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy tactics.
But in the eyes of me. The eyes of the one that writes these damn things so my eyes are the most important to me.
DISGAEA IS THE BEST OF THEM! There are others in the series, but I feel that the first is best. Heck even Nippon Ichis other SRPG out put is great. Makai Kingdom is a great SRPG with out the grid, but still keeping it. In a bizarre way. Tis is the type of progress that is wanted. Heck even the storyline is nuts(main character becomes a book to save him self from dying and trys to regain his own power).
Ok I admit I had fun with some of the spin off’s like Shining the Holy ark and errr.
Ok Wisdom was fun in a Zelda rip off way. I stopped caring when Sega stopped releasing them over here.
So a plea to Sega and Camelot software planing. PLEASE MAKE MORE SHINING FORCE! Ok at least give us a translated version of Shining force three.


Next weeks Moan shall be a video one.