Friday, 14 August 2015

Graphical content

Im back and like somebody that just had his Lego tower topple over im grumpy.

I know there's a statement that goes like this "Graphics don't make the game" and for the most part this is true, BUT!! (Oh yes a big but, a Yokozuna sized butt)
Im looking at the modern gen systems (PS4/XBOX1) and im seeing games that look like they could be high end PS2 games, what the hell happened to the graphics? People are buying these machines hoping for next gen graphics and all they are getting is stuff that looks old hat, I know that most of them are multi platform titles that take into account the previous gen, but still GIVE US SOMETHING THAT DON'T LOOK 2 GENS OLD!!  Even these "Next gen" games don't look all that special, they also look dull as shit, ITS ALL THE SAME CRAP!!

Its either that or they make the game look like you need to turn the brightness up to see anything. what ever happened to day time? Even in games from the past (like Tenchu) when its night you can still see shit, granted that's "Not very realistic", but bollocks to realistic im playing a game I don't care for it (to those that say Fifa and COD are realistic, for one you aint playing with a real ball and for two if you get shot IRL your life dont regen that fast).

You want some games that look better than the current shit? Look at these titles.
F-zero GX A GAMECUBE GAME!! It moves blisteringly fast and looks the part as well.
Ni no Kuni, a PS3 game where the actual world you explore has more detail than a lot of the modern crap with blurry as shit textures and lack of detail.
NiGHTS on PS2, these days the Saturn one looks horrible, most 3D games of that era do and the Saturn isn't a 3D powerhouse, the HD version looks a bit to nice, they added to much detail.
Wipeout Pulse, wow another PS2 game, but this game actually looks the part, its to bad we cant just go slow and take in the view.
Sonic allstars racing transformed, of look another racing game, but that amount of detail that flys past you is unbelievable.
Oh yeah and by the way, them games also play very well

You know what thought, at the end of the day they dont mean shit, I have seen games that are nothing more than squares that play better, and simple olde games that look like they are fun, unlike the trash thats coming out now

Its still a moot point for me and probabliy why im just going PC from this gen on

Friday, 7 August 2015

Dur ROM question

Im back and like a horse that's been out in the fields all day then is expected to take its own shoes off and nail on its own slippers im grumpy.

Why don't you use original carts?
Why do you use flash carts?

Heres a question ive been asked in the past and you know what? They can just about feck off. on my games nights I do use flash carts or alternate loading devices, do you know why I use them? Do you really really want to know why? Well bollocks to you im going to tell you anyway.
The main reason is because while having a pile of carts on the table looks nice its not very efficient, also I don't want to own a load of games I my self will never play, I got over that whole "GOTA OWN THEM ALL!" phase years ago, im not impressed by walls of games any more, I don't want to own the likes of Fifa on every bloody console just because some nupty asked for it (Sensi or get lost), sure the odd person will complain, but balls to them the Fifa types rarely come back anyway.

There is also the whole things getting nicked part of it, its a free for all type event, I have had stuff nicked, ive known peoples stuff to get nicked, sure a lot of people that come to these things are ok types of people, they don't want to nick, they don't want there stuff nicked, its all generally ok, but all it takes is one scrote to nick one game with out knowing its value and I have to rebuy it, same goes for discs, actually with discs there's the whole damage thing, some people really do not know how to handle discs (NEVER LEAVE THEM ON THE TABLE!), so instead I have a modded console and a folder full of CD-Rs, sure that don't look as nice, but balls to it,
But seriously have you seen the price of some Saturn games? Its friggen insane!

"But that's illegal"
Ok here we go, the conversation usually goes as follows
"If you own the game you have to rip the ROM your self for it to be legal" Thats bollocks, few have such devices and its still bollocks even if you do as even then its a grey area.
"Its ok if you own the game" Welllll not really, the company wont and dont give a shit, Im yet to see anybody get raided for owning a load of old ROMs, newer consoles on the other hand, but I dont really bother with them, well at least not until no more games are being made of it (meh Wii, but who the bloody hell will buy Just Dance 2015?)
"The company isn't making money off them anymore" actually this is mostly true, Nintendo on the other hand still are and there's other companys that release there older titles on download services and collections like the radcal Sega MegaDrive collections, and the excellent Midway and Taito ones), if its on there well good go out and buy them, but for the most part you will have to buy those collections second hand, so the company wont be getting a penny, its the same with old games, the company wont get any money from a Ebay sale, just the ebay type that most of the time will be over charging anyway.
Sure people will complain but I dont see a Konami collection with the likes of rocket Knight and Paroduis, or a PC engine collection, ITS LIKE THEY DON'T LIKE MONEY FOR THERE OLD STUFF!!

"But its not the same"
Playing games on anything but the host hardware will never be the same, using a flash cart is almost exactly the same, the only difference is instead of taking the cart out you just reset and pick something else, also no matter what USB controller you got, no matter what filters you put on, no matter if you have scan lines on or no matter if you squint, take some acid, get drunk and spin around till you puke, playing on an emulator is a bit of a soulless experience, it will never be as good as host hardware on a old CRT tv and that's why I use flash carts.

Same kinda goes with films, you can have a massive 4k TV and want to watch some old film on it, bunt in the end of the day an old CRT has a glow and a feeling these new TVs dont

Friday, 17 July 2015

Reactionary copy paste

Im back and im in more of a moaning mood than a fellow Brit in a que at B&M when somebodys item dont scan

So a trend on Youtube that I am getting really fed up of is these "React" videos.
It is something that has gone from generally being funny to something that people are just making to get views, there's even reaction videos to vidblogs and to reaction videos.
Things have come a long way from the days of " reacts to two girls one cup" now its just getting lame
Even one of my subbed channels seem to be doing nothing but that these days (Farfromsubtle), I used to like just tuning out to there play thoughts now its all reactions to trailers.
What ever happened to just a simple play through with out the "LOOK LOL IM SO RANDUM LOL OMGZZ"

Them "Teens react to" videos are to blame for this, they have a LOT of over acting and general idiocy, they where funny at the start but its all the same, the breaking point for me was when one said "Whats Zelda?" Are they friggen idiots or something? If it was a game from a series that's practically dead then ok, but Zelda? Nintendo's other big name? Something that all "GAMERZ!" Go mental for every time Nintendo make a new thing for it (BUT ITS GOT A NEW HAT!!), I admit im a Zelda fan, but im glad im not the one to spend ££££ on some new branded bit of tat

What im saying is
Have a bit of originality guys, have some content that don't just apply to the dim, oh wait that's about 90% of the Youtube viewers.

Then again, looking at my videos its no wonder why I don't get many views as it is just me playing a game, most the time I don't even do "Facetime" anymore
Ok I have done some reaction videos in the past this being the most recent one

And on that, 

Saturday, 11 July 2015


Well its about damn time I updated, I seem to be getting a lot of views considering.

Why no updates?
Well in the past few years I did fall into a suicidal depression, lets just say I was very close to offing my self, but that's gone now and I hope its gone for good as its not a good state of mind to be in.
The state of mind where you think that life, no existence is pointless and that every day was an endless loop with only one way out, it all came to a head when i broke down in work and just finally had enough, NOT PLEASANT!!

I am also off the alcohol for a month, just trying to see if I can resist temptation.

Ill be trying to bung out new content every week

Anyway onto the games

I recently got a game called "Aliens clonal marines"
Its a game that got walls of hate because it wasn't perfect, but guess what NO GAME IS PERFECT!
I played it from start to end and guess what, I ENJOYED IT!! I have played a lot worse games, ive played a lot better games, ive played games that are classed as "The best example" and you know what? I DIDN'T LIKE THEM!! Maybe im a magnet for shit games,maybe all the bad ones ive played has made me appreciate the better bad ones, for the price this game goes for you can do a lot worse, just ignore how arse the last boss battle is and enjoy it for what it is. Even if that is a kinda COD Aliens (bit like how we had Alien DOOM all those years ago)

Aliens games have never really crept outside the "Its ok" area, from the one on C64 to Aliens trilogy they are all just "Ok" games so just enjoy them

Monday, 24 December 2012

cheap keyboards cost more

Well I finally did i I broke my "old" keyboard (it fell off the sofa)
Bit of a pisser, so i got a cheap-o one, YES a "Smar price" one, im ypng this on i riht now as you can tell.
I was using my emrancy one for a few days and i have to say those roll up rubber ones are really not worth your time and due to me usin my PC from the sofa its not ideal.
As you can tell I am typing this with mentioned keyboard.

So my "sage like" advice is,
"Ye must never buy cheap ones" unless you want a post like the one above or want to o back threw your writings to sort it all ot.

Sunday, 9 December 2012


Yes, I have gotten it again, another creative block, well blogging wise I have not in a “WAAAY TO MUCH BLOODY “ paper work way. its quite annoying.

Wait not annoying more like frustrating, I just resurrect this bloody blog. Maybe I am running out of things to write about, maybe its that the time of day it currently is the sun shines on my sofa that the exact point I like to sit at..

Damn it, its really annoying, ill get back to gaming then

Friday, 23 November 2012

Nights of gaming

Ok I have been setting up the fabled Computer Club for about two years now so I feel the need to rant about it.
I think.
Is there anything to rant about?
I don’t think there is as it seems like ive said it all, damn, I really don’t feel like doing a long post about it as it seems a bit pointless. Yes it does! So bugger off.

You haven’t have you?
What’s that you want content to this moan don’t you? Ok content ye shalt have.
Ok maybe there is something, its that after setting it all up most the time I don’t feel like playing much. Its weird, its probably something to do with some of the things I put out are mine, ALL MINE!
I have found my self buying a few games just for the the nights (four of the same Xbox game for example, I mean four copy’s of Halo?)

Yeah setting it up was a bugger at first, but its now organised and it takes me half the time . (Ok over statement as it depends on what I stick out) and its a bloody good work out lugging those TVs and boxes about and it is two times a month (second Friday and last Tuesday) and ok the Friday night one is like a plane with out fuel (yet to take off), but still its there.
At least I don’t charge people to sit down and have a go of what ever I stick out (I take requests just let me know in advance) at the end of the day I will just say “You do the maths” its a simple sum.
Pub + Gaming + others = ???????
(Pro tip a great night out)
What I stick out are some bloody great multi player games (trying to avoid the lone gamer motif) and a few titles nobody has ever really played (I am responsible for a resurgence of Death tank players) and nobody walks away disappointed so its all good, all I can say is pop in some time and have a bloody good go on what ever I stick out and enjoy your self, trust me playing head to head is way better than this online bollocks anyway.