Friday, 17 July 2015

Reactionary copy paste

Im back and im in more of a moaning mood than a fellow Brit in a que at B&M when somebodys item dont scan

So a trend on Youtube that I am getting really fed up of is these "React" videos.
It is something that has gone from generally being funny to something that people are just making to get views, there's even reaction videos to vidblogs and to reaction videos.
Things have come a long way from the days of " reacts to two girls one cup" now its just getting lame
Even one of my subbed channels seem to be doing nothing but that these days (Farfromsubtle), I used to like just tuning out to there play thoughts now its all reactions to trailers.
What ever happened to just a simple play through with out the "LOOK LOL IM SO RANDUM LOL OMGZZ"

Them "Teens react to" videos are to blame for this, they have a LOT of over acting and general idiocy, they where funny at the start but its all the same, the breaking point for me was when one said "Whats Zelda?" Are they friggen idiots or something? If it was a game from a series that's practically dead then ok, but Zelda? Nintendo's other big name? Something that all "GAMERZ!" Go mental for every time Nintendo make a new thing for it (BUT ITS GOT A NEW HAT!!), I admit im a Zelda fan, but im glad im not the one to spend ££££ on some new branded bit of tat

What im saying is
Have a bit of originality guys, have some content that don't just apply to the dim, oh wait that's about 90% of the Youtube viewers.

Then again, looking at my videos its no wonder why I don't get many views as it is just me playing a game, most the time I don't even do "Facetime" anymore
Ok I have done some reaction videos in the past this being the most recent one

And on that, 

Saturday, 11 July 2015


Well its about damn time I updated, I seem to be getting a lot of views considering.

Why no updates?
Well in the past few years I did fall into a suicidal depression, lets just say I was very close to offing my self, but that's gone now and I hope its gone for good as its not a good state of mind to be in.
The state of mind where you think that life, no existence is pointless and that every day was an endless loop with only one way out, it all came to a head when i broke down in work and just finally had enough, NOT PLEASANT!!

I am also off the alcohol for a month, just trying to see if I can resist temptation.

Ill be trying to bung out new content every week

Anyway onto the games

I recently got a game called "Aliens clonal marines"
Its a game that got walls of hate because it wasn't perfect, but guess what NO GAME IS PERFECT!
I played it from start to end and guess what, I ENJOYED IT!! I have played a lot worse games, ive played a lot better games, ive played games that are classed as "The best example" and you know what? I DIDN'T LIKE THEM!! Maybe im a magnet for shit games,maybe all the bad ones ive played has made me appreciate the better bad ones, for the price this game goes for you can do a lot worse, just ignore how arse the last boss battle is and enjoy it for what it is. Even if that is a kinda COD Aliens (bit like how we had Alien DOOM all those years ago)

Aliens games have never really crept outside the "Its ok" area, from the one on C64 to Aliens trilogy they are all just "Ok" games so just enjoy them