Friday, 18 February 2011

What about just me?

Right there is something that annoys me about all these recent Capcom fighting games. It is this. NO SINGLE PLAYER MODES! Ok fighting games are meant to be played vs, but look at them. You have Arcade mode, vs and some kind of trails mode. Its great that they now have online gubbins, but what about if you want to play solo for a bit? Have they forgotten about a simple survival mode? Ive play budget fighting games that include one of these. They got this bang on with Alpha 3. That has modes that made it more than a simple vs game, even the arcade mode was great, but I spent most my time in the wonderful World tour mode. That was a thing of greatness and annoyance (some of the challenges are not suited to all characters). Im sure with these consoles they can at least bung a few extra modes. Im not asking for Alpha 3 on Dreamcast amount of modes, just a bit more solo scraping for your money.

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