Monday, 21 March 2011

Ducking cover

Ok so get this. If there’s one thing I hate in First Person Shooters these days its the following. “Duck and cover” or “Hide and seek”. Basically run to a bit of wall and hide behind it, pop out and shoot, now repeat until you go to the next wall, now turn the sodding thing off and stick on something “Fun”. FPS of the past where more like “JUST BRING IT!” now its more like “Oh don’t shoot me it might hurt”. Yeah I prefer the older way. It feels a lot less like virtual playing peak-a-boo. Ok so some “Wankers” past round the whole “Its strategic”. What is? Doing the same thing over and over? To me that’s just like in space invaders, only using the chickening out method and only popping out when you feel “Safe” where

as older FPS you just stand in the open telling them to “BRING ON THE PAIN!” then move a bit to the right or left (never both).

So again I say im waiting for Duke Nukem for ever to come and show the pansy’s how its done (again).

Shooters now

Shooters then

Nuff said

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