Friday, 9 July 2010


You know what here's another gaming related thing that makes me want to get my moan on and it starts with a little story flashback thing.

So I was on a local market the other day on the look out for the usual games related bargains to be had. I had already got a few cheap games off someone and on another somewhat empty stall I spotted a boxed up Sega Saturn (mark 1 can tell by the some what battered box) and a boxed wheel and four games (The ones that are not hard to get). So naturally I ask “How much is that games machine?”
Now stand by the next line will shock you.
“That's a bit to much” standard reply from me on over priced things like that.
“Well that's what it goes for on Ebay”
And there you have it
Its the “Internet/Ebay” excuse for pushing the price up to more than it is I mean Saturn's don't go for that much with that amount of games.
What are these people on?
IF YOU WANT EBAY PRICESE SELL ON EBAY and then you will see that its over priced. This isn't the first time that the Ebay excuse has happened to me. Another one was a few years ago on a car boot some where in North Wales I spotted a Atari 2600 (Junior) it had its box (no inserts, very tatty and torn) and a copy of Combat I as always wnet over to have a look at it. Cue some scrawny little sod that smelled of cigarettes.
“Oh sure have a look” “These things are getting hard to come by”
I ask “How much”
He says “£100”
As I turn around and walk away I hear him say “That's cheaper than it goes for on the internet” (this was before Ebay became a house hold name and everywhere had the internet)
I just waved over my shoulder and wandered off.
It seems like “The internet/Ebay” excuse is used by clueless morons that don't really have a clue what there selling. Fair enough they are trying to make money off people that seem like they don't know what there buying (note I do try to sound like a numpty), but at that price off a market seller?
How do I know it works? Its not like I can see it working or know there address.
These people are probably not even going to be on the same stall next week,
So here's my wise cracking lines to answer back to these people.

Say this “Well if this was that would be a bargain” For extra effect slap on a bit of slang from that decade or say “Is that in Yen?”
“That's what it goes for on ebay/internet”
There's a few for this one “Well sell it on there then” is one “Do you take Paypal?” That could go wrong if they say “Yes” or you could go to the extreme if you have a internet connection to hand and show them they are wrong.
Or you could just say “You sir are a idiot”
As these people are idiots.

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