Friday, 2 July 2010

The Moaners new clothes

Well its time to get my moan on. This one is only video game related and a bit of a short one.
Well in the past week I decided that I needed some new clothes as I have had the same ones for years. So I went online (don't judge me on this local places are to expensive) and low and behold video games T-Shirts (there's the related thing). One thing annoyed me about them and it is this.
The Faded look.
Why would anyone want to pay a tenner for what looks like a second hand t-shirt? I mean back when I last got a load of T-shirts they looked new and some still do to this day and that's how I like to buy new clothes. You know LOOKING NEW!
To me this looks like a fashion trend that was forced upon us as now I cant find a decent new looking shirt (dropping the “T” from now on) Ok its great for those that try to blag that they have been into for years, buts what's wrong with a shirt looking new? I ain't paying silly money for clothes that looks second hand when I would be better off trying my luck in second hand/charity shops. Granted they don't have the same selection and its all down to luck but still IF I WANT SECOUND HAND LOOKING CLOTHES ID BUY THEM FROM THERE!!

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