Friday, 6 August 2010

Leaps of argh!

Well its time!
Its time for a long over due update.
So for this weeks moan I have found ANOTHER THING I hate about 2D plat-formers and this is one thing that I have yet to see in a 3D one (probably due to me hating 3D plat-formers). So what is this thing? Well first I will tell you a short story of some plat-former that I played ages ago
So there I was doing the running and jumping and doing quite well until I saw that there was no more platforms in front of me. Ok this was one of those simple ones where I could only go forward so I took a leap of faith and oh look I missed the platform and fell to my death. YES!
This weeks moan is about “leaps of faith”
The are put in games by lazy developers to make them more challenging, but in my eyes they are lazy bastards. Its best to be able to see where you are going isn’t it?
In the past ok I admit they had hardware limits and couldn’t do some fancy zooming, but come on at least give us a hint as to where it is so we can at least judge it.
Sonic 2 had a bad one on the mine level where if you failed to jump over a pit you fell onto a load of spikes, if you had some skill (you would of missed it) you could keep collecting your dropped rings and live on.
Put it this way its a annoying trend that has to be stopped.
Its good to have a challenging game.
Its not good to be lazy with the level design.

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