Friday, 24 September 2010

Farce training

Ok so get this. I have been watching a lot of TV on Youtube. 4OD seem to have a lot of great old TV programs (and a load of shite) so in the past week I have watched a few series from my childhood (Ok I was not the target audience) and in them there are adverts, lots of adverts and they are often repeated. Ok so they have to pay the bills somehow and some are kinda funny. ONCE!, but im not going to moan about them I am going to focus on one thing that was advertised in them. No not the new Fifa. It is a Dsi game. No its not one you think its this.

What the fug? A game that trains you face? Why?
What kind of mindless drones buy this shite? Well ill tell you. Its those “Norms” that got there DS for that “Brain Training” game. Why would you want to train your face unless you are that shallow in which case you will probably use all those creams and crap you find in most girls bathrooms. What’s the point of it? It just seems to be another one of those things that I would feel sorry to call “A game”, but think of it like this. Those “Norms” probably will buy it over something that can be called “A game” Heck it even comes with a stand to put it on. What about those with a massive face? Will they have sit sit away from it so they cant read the text on screen? They could at least try to make it into a game, but id have no idea how a high score board on it will work? Will it time how long you can hold a face breaking smile?
I mean look at Brain training. It at least had some kind of interactivity on it. This thing all you do is put it down and look at it. If I wanted to look at a DS screen Id put a video on it. If I wanted to practice my smile id watch some thing funny.
Sod this spamware shite

Heres one thing you can do when you see it
1- Look confused
2- Shake head
3- FacePalm

Coming soon
"How to train your hands to play games"

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