Saturday, 27 November 2010

Kinect is not arse

Ok its time for me to Get my moan on.

Its bound to be Friday somewhere in the universe.

I have been in to much of a good mood in the past few days due to recent developments. (I walk and play with dogs for a living what do you do you desk bound peons? Just make the rich richer? Ill save the bragging till I find out if I like it.

Well in the past you lot have found out that I don’t like the Kinect one bit. That is a lie. I like the hardware. I like the hardware a lot it shows promise. You can see a lot of what’s its good for on the following site.

Kinect hacks

Microsoft are being nice and allowing this as it means they are shifting them. It also means that the pack in game is getting traded in. So good on them! Really I’m glad that they are letting people do great things with great tech. Even if it is just a tarted up Eyetoy. The move on the other hand........Nobody wants to have it as they have had the Wiimote for the past few years and it has all been done with that.

So yes this is me praising the Kinect, BUT NOT THE GAMES! The games are still the bottom of a can of spam at the bottom of a skip with other spam about somebody getting there teeth white marked “Bull shit only”. (My teeth are white as I don’t eat half the crap most people do).

So yeah THE KINECT IS RADICAL! Its just the games I have a problem with.

(Children of Eden might be good, I am not looking forward to it)

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