Friday, 12 November 2010

Show some COD RESPCT!

Ok that video moan I was going to do is on the back burner for a week (gotta make is sound less like I am whispering), but mainly as there is another thing that really gets on my flat man tits. It is the following...
Check the dates that the last COD games have come out. Its ok I can wait.......
Yeah they are bringing them out a bit to close to November the eleventh (Armistice day). Why are they bringing a game about shooting people in some war type thing around this time? Cant they hold it off for a few weeks? Or are they just being uncaring little fags? I am voting for the later.
Ok I admit that I think the COD games are a example of copy paste game design to the extreme as thats how they make them. As a matter of fact they change very little of it and call it “NEW” and that its self isn't that “New” its so old that its in a old folk’s home on life support and only coming out to get fed more soup (with out chunks).
One thing they could at least do is turn the online/servers off for a few minutes and show a poppy just to show some kind of respect, but no. That would require a bit of programming that isn't just copy paste.
COD guys dont do respect

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