Friday, 1 April 2011

APRIL FOOL! Oh its after midday

What ever happened to “Good” funny April fools jokes? I mean like in games mags. Its alive and well online with all those ruining Duke Nukem Forever coming out jokes (Or even Duke Comes out?). I remember they used to be funny. Like with the Ultimate Fighting Universe (Still a better idea than Street fighter x Tekken) and Iznogood.....oh wait that was a real game.

I was going to do one online this year, but with all this time zone crap.

Maybe the death of Computer and Video games mag has led to them fizzling out and that is a shame as I loved the letters page the following month of people failing to spot it or even getting the wrong one (Yes there is a game called Iznogood and surprisingly it is no good, but what do you expect ITS FRENCH! The only decent thing that was animated that came out of France was Asterix).

But I did see one that was kinda obvious on Tokyo Toshokan where it has a splash screen saying that the FBI have taken it off line

So I was looking round for some this year and found none. Maybe us net heads are wiser to it.

I am your moaning sod thanks for reading.

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