Friday, 15 April 2011


Ok so as people that “Follow” me on Twitter will know. Over the past week I have been sorting out all the stuff at The Lass and some thing came to me.

What ever happened to consoles that could share the same cables? Not talking about the power cables as they are different, talking about the pads.

What of those 9-pin joysticks? They where great. If yours broke you could just go and buy a new 9-pin. Heck you could even buy a Mega Drive pad and use that on a Atari (For those that dont like holding some thing that’s shaped like a penis).

(I mean look at some of them)

(They really do look like a penis)

(Just don’t google “Penis Joystick”)

(Your going to aren’t you?)

(You dirty fecker)

Well the connector slides into the hole nice and snug, but try that with a Nintendo consoles. It don’t fit do it? Nintendo had to be different, but then there’s more than just a few fire buttons on it. There’s them awkwardly place select and start buttons. Now days some of these consoles do have the same connection (USB), but wont work cross platform and its understandable as they all have different things on them and have come a long way from one button one stick.(Shaped like a penis)

(With a big red bit on top)

Thanks for reading.

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