Thursday, 1 September 2011

Dont look forward to it

Again its been some time (damn good mood), but there has been something that has annoyed me recently, well not just recently its something that’s on going. Its that feeling of disappointment.

You know the one.

The one that comes into your mind when you play something you have waited ages for, for it to be a little lacking. As gamers we must all of felt it at one point.

Yes this is brought on by my experience with Dues EX Human revolution.

Behold something that I was looking forward to (first game rented in a long time) that ended up being a bit “urgh”. Maybe its because I hold the Dues EX name in high regraded as a holy relic type game and I wont have anything bad said about it, but this game changed it.

Ok in the past there have been others (Red Ninja, NiGHTS Wii, Gears of war, Final Fantasy 7) that I have really looked forward to, but yet again I was left as unfulfilled as a fat kid in a fruit shop

So I think its time for us all to stop looking forward to any games and think there going to be “shite, but lets see how bad they are” so we can be pleasantly surprised if they turn out great.

Its probably for the better anyway.

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  1. As a Sonic fan/masochist, I kind of agree with this. What annoys me is when trailers don't show actual gameplay, just cutscenes, so you can't get a good feel for a game.