Thursday, 3 November 2011

Inadequately sized spuds

Ok this is a none games based one so bare with it. Its still a moaning sod post, its just not about games. Ok maybe it is as there’s a mode in a Tetris game called “Hot potato” So there you have it, it is kinda linked even if it isn’t about a game there’s a mode in a game named after it.

So yeah

Spuds, potato’s call them what you will, but there’s something that narks me off about them, its not them per say its when they are classed as “Jacket potato’s” They seem to put that label on any sized ones EVEN BABY ONES! There should be a size guide for the ideal sized spud for baking, but to me its the size of my palm or bigger, really. I would say “Big shows” palm, but that would be a big spud. A bit to big.

Size matters when it comes to jacket spuds. Small ones seem pointless to bake and are probably best for Sunday dinner not for baking. It feels like a waste of time baking small ones.

Ok its not like they are hard to cook. Just put them in the oven on high for about a hour. Only hard bit is deciding what to put with them. (tuna and a salad works great)

What’s the point of baking small ones anyway? At the end of the hour or so you are left with a bite sized morsel that don’t seem to be worth the hassle or bother.

So then why the bloody hell do supermarkets put four small ones in a pack and call them “Baking potato’s”? All they are doing is wasting time.

What brought this up? Well I got four massive ones from Aldi for 59p and months ago I got a big bag of them (as off a farm) for a quid. (Lets just say after I ate them all I needed a break from potatoy things for a while, but seeing cheap big ones (easy now).

So another thing that annoys me is the ways that people cook them

Micro waving them is just wrong, so damn wrong the clue is in the name “Baked potato” not “Nuked spuds”. Cooking them is violent and lazy

Violent - stab the spud several sodding times with a fork, if you don’t do this the middle wont be cooked.

Lazy – Put oven on full and chuck the smegging thing in there and check on it in a hour.

For more lazynes buy a bag of grated cheese and have cold beans on it. You do that and you are lazy.

They ain’t no fast food, but they are good food. Now bugger off and go eat some.

After buying some

Some decent sized ones

And a topping of your choice

But not mashed potato

As that’s just silly

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