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Soul calidurrrrrrr the fifth

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Anyway on to the review.
Yeah its
Soul Calibur 5 (My spell check hates that word)
So what’s to hate about it? Well all I can say it LOTS! BLOODY LOADS! Mags say its a “Return to form” and that its “The best one for ages” well guess what. I call bull shit on that. (expected)
While most the game is the same as usual there have been some changes to it, some for the worse (super moves?).
As per usual ill list them for your reading pleasure.
-Solo no no – Here’s something I rant about a lot, WHERE ARE THE SINGLE PLAYER MODES!!? The Dreamcast version had loads. It had a challenge mode that was loads of fun. There isn’t one in this . There is a story mode, but rather than give you one for each character they give you one and force you to play as the worst characters in the game. Other than that threes a arcade mode, (No ending here folk’s)you get The challenge mode in this one is just loads of cheating Ai characters (don’t know how many cant get past the first bloody person and two versions of vs, (one against random made characters where you can unlock “titles”) so yeah it has mode than most recent Capcom games, but its like a out of date chocolate hobnob. (good but rubbish for dunking and a bit soft)

-Level up! - This is a trend in some recent games, the more you play the higher your level gets. Wining fights in this gives you “XP” the more you get the higher your level and the more you unlock. Well bollocks to that.

-Super moves.- Wow. Way to go Namco, you are really doing this? A move that does loads of damage in one go. Used by the computer to troll the fug out of you

-Throwing – Ok I know throwing is a close up thing but you have to be so close to throw its silly and this games dash is shite and slow so its hard to close ground when the opponent is open for a throw.

-Legend mode – Yeah its annoying to have to fight some one whombs attacks hit high and low and that never stops attacking

-Padded – This is not a pad game for me. Like Virtua fighter is requires a joystick to get the most out of it. (Street fighter on the other hand I can only play on a pad)

-Where are you? – Sometimes things can be a bit to hard to see. The graphics in this game are great but they get in the way. Really detailed backgrounds and the characters tend to blend in. that and all the hit sparks that are flying about. I say it has “To much graphics”. Older ones had simple back grounds so you could see each other. In this? Narr. Yes I am complaining that the grahpics are to good, but mostly its that there is to much going on to see.

-SET AI TO RANDOM!! - this has the worst case of random ai I have seen since Mugen. Some times the computer takes it like a bitch, some times it makes you its bitch. To be more annoying there are times when mid bout the cpu will go from doing bugger all to being a maniac.

-Character creation – I'm not having a full go at this as I have seen some great creations. Its just one thing bugs me about it. Its the moves. You don’t pick them. Ok these are mostly weapon relevant as you cant do Nightmares moves with Maxi, but they could at least of improvised and added more move sets other than the characters in the game. What about those that where in other ones but not this one?

-DLC no way – Yes again on disc things that are DLC later, this includes a new character FUCK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! I will forever have a empty character slot.

-The final – Ok SPOILER ALERT!! Its Nightmare, he’s shit, he has a super that can take almost all your life bar. And a I
TROLL U kinda power field that pushes you away that he does when you are getting in a few good moves.

-Doing the rounds – You are stuck on three. Three shall be the number of the rounds and the number of the rounds shall be three. Seriously there is no way to change it.

-In the end – Well you do arcade mode and all you get is a list of the fastest times. No ending. No special win pose. Just times. WHY NOT CALL IT TIME TRAIL MODE THEN!!? You don’t even unlock anything. There is no point to playing threw it. Soul Calibur had a picture to look at and a bit of text. This was a ending. This game has times THIS IS NOT A ENDING!!

-”Don’t use him he’s lame” - Said before but the story mode is bloody lame. For the story you get a doodle and some text. Then on to playing as some of the worst characters in the game. The female is annoying(“I'm sorry””Run away” “I don’t want to hurt you” really?) her only redeeming feature is her “Knee to the groin” attacks. Well if you don’t want to hurt some one why attack there and WHY FIGHT IN THE FIRST PLACE!!?, the male is tedious with few moves of interest. Then later on you get to play as other people that have moves. Why not make it for each character. Considering that all you are using is pictures to tell the story why not?

Over all.
Well they say that fighting games are not really made for single player’s, but how hard is it for them to at least chuck in a survival mode? I know I rant about the lack of single player love a lot, but it is a major thing. I know I have said it before but the first Soul Calibur (I know its a sequel to Soul edge/blade) had modes all over the place. A lot of them where multi player. Multi player options on the new one? vs.
CONTENT GUYS! I know the world is going online made, but thats no excuse for lack of single player.

Oh and smeg off with your DLC characters

See all that and I didn't even say how hot Ivy still looks. WHIP IT GOOD!!!!

TL;DR - Playin mates? = Get. Playin solo? Get first or 2

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