Sunday, 15 January 2012

Egg shaped balls

Ok I admit it, I have bought a EA sports game. No its not a Fifa Sensible Soccer is way better anyway. Nor is is one of there American sports games that has very little appeal to anybody outside the US. Its a old Rugby game. Yes I am a fan of that manly sport. Its a shame that its overlooked when it comes to games as a matter of fact the y only seem to some out during the Rugby world cup. We got two last year. Both none EA. Ones a sequel to the highly rated Johnna Lammu rugby the others the official one,but it has a problem, it has a certain company’s logo on it. Its, ii hate to say 505 Software. For those that don’t know of them (you lucky lucky bastard) they came to power in the PS2 days and released loads of Japanese games, “Fantastic” you might be thinking. You poor misguided fool, its not the stuff you want, its not the stuff the Japanese want, its the cheap crap, they games that nobody gave a rats arse about. Not only that they took a half arse approach to them (and gave them a manual that’s just a bit of a4 paper folded into a book),.

Its not surprising that everybody that played it said it was shite.

So what’s the problem with making them?

Controlling the players? All you need is move, pass (left and right), punt (thats kick it) and score a try. If attacking. If defending all you need is tackle.

Everything else (throw-in, scrums, conversions can be done with one button and the pad.

Not that hard is it?

Ok the CPU players need to be a bit smart other wise it would end up like Leeds vs a high school team. (or bloody easy), other than that what else is there?

Graphics? Make it blue blocks vs red for all I care. As long as it plays well im a happy chappy.

Official player and team names? For all I care they can be called Chaz and Dave. I have a crap memory for names anyway.

At the end of the day its a sport that isnt that famous, but the amount of fans are growing so pander to them.

Come on EA at least give us one game every now and then and stop with the bloody NASCAR ones as its bloody pointless . You can make 3 Fifas a year so why not one Rubgby one every few years.

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