Sunday, 22 May 2011

Im waiting

I love that advert and there’s a great message there for us gamers these days.

Some things are worth waiting for (for the most part) Look at some of the games I have waited for. Metal Slug X which was held back by a year for no good reason on the humble old Playstation, I waited years to get hold of a copy of Phantasy star on the Master system (this was before Ebay) and there is of course Nintendo fans. We waited a few months for Smash brothers on Wii and even the new Kirby game. Why? Well Nintendo likes to make us wait for no good reason. (read they hate us).

So waiting while annoying can be good as think of the last time you got the latest release only to find it a few months later for a few quid less an in some cases even half price. Look at Madworld last year it was forty quid. Now you can get it for four. THATS ONE ZERO OFF!! Ok thats probably because it didn’t sell well (A good Wii game not selling how unique). Some times as well probably know they don’t drop down in price for a long time (COD and Fifa are like this) or until the “sequel” comes out.(again COD and Fifa), but then nobody wants the older version.

There’s also that waiting for some games to load or for the latest firmware update. Least we forget about those old cassette computers. They took a age to load. So much time in fact that you could get a cuppa in and you had no idea if that new game was any good and worth the wait

So one thing I ask of my readers is to wait a bit as sometimes I forget to write these or cant (It helps if I am in a mood).


(See I talked about waiting and didnt talk about Duke Nukem)

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