Friday, 3 June 2011

E3 - Konami saga

Well its that time of year again. Not not Zombie Jesus day or Lemmys birthday.

Its E3 time and like last year I will be complaining about it.

So get ready for a load of words about what I think about the carp (ok and good stuff). What? Well if you don’t like it DONT READ IT! I have followed that method for years when it comes to tabloid news papers.

Ok so on to E3.

This will be done in a post for each company.

First up Konami.

Last years was bloody funny and painful, but this years?

Well I didn’t do a live blogging thing so here’s a quick summary.

Remake, Remake, Remake, Sequel, Remake, NEW GAME!, Remake, Remake and a big C.

Yeah there going down the remake path and what gets me is THERE NOT THAT OLD! Metal Gear solid 2/3 and Silent hill 2/3. Zone of Enders, Come on there PS2 games. There PS2 games that aren’t that hard to get hold of. Ok maybe not Zone of enders 2.

What do they have against remaking the first games? they look a bit arse these days and could do with a make over.

Still a new Silent hill game is coming out. It seems to be all they know how to make.

What about some of there older games? I cant be the only one that wants a new Goeman game or at least a remake of them.

What of that “NEW GAME!” I mentioned. Never dead. Its unusual for me to give a toss about a FPS, but this one looks different. The main character is immortal, he can rip off his own limbs and use them as weapons. Its not like this has been done before, but its a Japanese developer. Making a FPS, THEY HATE THEM!

the new Slient hill film was mentioned

There was also some game save sharing thing from PS3 to PSP, a interesting idea, but it only works on Metal gear solid so far and I have lost interest in that series as its the same same every time (even becoming the same story with different people).

Still the thing whole thing was at least funny, funny as it was meant to be.

The big C at the end is a bit of a obvious hint as to what’s to come, A new contra? A Contra remake. Ill wait to see.


Remakes, Remakes everywhere. Not a new idea among them

Im going to try and keep them to a page a peace

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