Sunday, 4 December 2011

Things I hate about a game I like Zelda Skyward sword

Well heres something I said id do, but I have been busy playing games (for a change) so last weeks moan was kinda missing (its on my phone, but its annoying to retype things. So instead heres another one on waiting.

He waits thats what he does.

Ok I wont instead heres a things I hate about a game I like and in keeping with this being a moan and I said id do this one it is for recent game

Zelda Skyward Sword

Yes you have probably read loads of reviews about it and why its so damn good, but im going to say what I found is bad about it.

Because I can.

So if you don’t like click the red X now for the rest of you that want to know little flaws about it read on.

I will say that this game is bloody good. Really really good, but there are flaws, annoyances and here they are.

Heres the main one

  • Its to easy – From bosses to puzzles to the game its self I rarely felt challenged and any challenge was due to the control’s them selfs rather than what was in front of me and speaking of the control’s.
  • The err control’s – Granted this is a Wii game so it had to use them and it was a good idea, but there is times when the Wiimote had to be centred this was a lot of the time. Thankfully this was a case of pressing down on the D-Pad. So maybe Nintendo knew about this possible problem? Some times the game didn’t do the sword slash in the direction I told it to. On some bits this is annoying. Doing the Skyward strike (hold the Wiimote in a vertical position) is a pain as the Wiimote kept thinking I just wanted the sword help up.
  • Flying – Ok the bird goes where you want it to. Unless its up then it slows down. Flying is boring as nothing really happens in the sky’s. Just the odd tornado. At least in Wind waker the seas had things.

  • Swimming – If you haven’t done the swimming bit you will and you will hate it

  • Fi – Shes like a less vocal Navi. Three hearts “ding ding” “You are running out of hearts master” and giving not very good advice.

  • Z-targeting – You have to hold the button down and the problem with that is its not a nice button to hold down for a long time. In other post Ocarina of time Zeldas you could have it as a toggle. Also you cant use it to target with ranged weapons.
  • Crafting – Pointless on some items, annoying to have to upgrade things you need to be big.
  • Not all connected - Come on guys in the other games everything was one big open world that you could travel between. Ok its in the sky and you fly down the holes to get to them, but what if we just want to go by land? Nope you cant. These makes everything feel like separate sections and its a bit tedious to have to go to the sky and fly a bit to get to them.
  • Three areas – Come on three areas? (Forest, desert, volcano). Ok they are big, but three of them?
  • No exploring – As I said you fly to these bits there’s a few islands most are lumps of rock, past Zelda games have load loads of exploration this one don’t.
  • The harp - Oh wow, wave the Wiimote left and right to play. AT LEAST IF IT WAS A COWBELL IT would have been MORE INTERACTIVE!!
  • People that say “Its not very original” - Yeah its a sequel, they tend to be samy if not people will complain, but this at least it trys NEW THINGS!
  • People that complain about the graphics – Really? Its on the bloody Wii
  • The imprisoned boss – The most copy paste boss it gets annoying when it gets a power up, but thankfully somebody else helps out later on
  • Zeldas nose – Cant help but think that its a massive honker.

Ok these are the faults, but it is a damn good game. Its a Nintendo made Zelda game and they are usually good and this is no exception to this rule. Its just a few small things annoy me about it.

Just buy the damn game and enjoy it as its good.

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