Wednesday, 16 November 2011

BBC = Bloody Bullshite Cancellations

Well here's another none game based moan, but again it can be linked with games in several ways first one to mind is that a few games get canned as well.

According to recent news thingys the BBC has cancelled all new Shooting Stares episodes.
I read it first off Bob Mortimer
Oh yes.
BBC have decided to not make another series of the classy Shooting stars. Granted its one of those “Its not as good as it was” series, but it was still good. It was still funny. It was still better than most the shite the BBC puts out.
I mean look at what one.
Its ok I can wait.

Bet there’s none of it of interest. This is normal.
BBC1 has not been on in months in my flat and all that 3 is good for is repeats BBC 2 still has some watch-able programming on for about 4 hours a week. BBC 3 on the other hand seems to be nothing but “Who gives a fuck” programming. With such delights as the grammatically incorrect “Lee Nelsons Well good show” Is that name meant to be ironic? There is nothing good about it. Its just programming for chavs. The rest is reality TV (very rarely entertaining) and Family guy/American Dad repeats. BBC 4 on the other hand.
Well they where going to make it go off air for good, but that was stopped thanks to a petition. Why? Well its a channel that has a lot of good stuff on. Ok there’s a fair bit of crap on there, but it has some good documentary’s and it was the start for Qi

But why are they doing this?
Well its part of there cost cutting measures and the first thing to go are “Panel comedy shows”
BALLOCKS TO THAT!! They are the only things that are funny. After the flop that was Mrs Browns boys (gave me a headache is was so not funny) and Coming of age, more unfunny crap other than that you are screwed
Ok there is Not going out that was kinda funny (Hint to BBC the word comedy means funny).

Also herd that there’s going to be more repeats.
Oh fucking goody
It seems all I am paying my TV license for is !I, Have I got news for you, Never mind the buzzcocks, Dr Who, Radcliffe and Maconie and errr
Yeah I don’t know
It seems people like me are paying to not watch anything good.
I just hope my part isn’t being spent on that program with people fannying about in posh cloths.

Truth be said its not about the whole panel show thing. Its about the comedy. Them two have been responsible for many a tear of laughter running down my cheek.
Lets see Lee Nelson do that.

There comedy programming has gone down hill since the Office so fuck you Gerevas
Still had to get that off my chest

And don't get me started on there lack of respect for Sky at night.

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  1. Tell me about it. I've heard that the Christmas Royle Family episode has been axed this year as well. I just stick to watching what's on Dave these days even if they are ancient repeats. Better than what the BBC have on anyway.