Thursday, 8 November 2012

Jump jump Jump?

Yes i'm back and i'm as annoyed as someone that found out the biscuit jar has been emptied of hobnobs AGAIN!

Jumping, lots of games have a jump button, its the one thing that we know most characters can do, its simple even real people can do it, Van halen wrote a song about it, Girls allowed ruined a Pointer sisters song about it, Kriss kross will make you do it,
Its one of those things that’s a one button affair.

But wait, they had to go mess it up, ill tell ye a story of my experience that lead to this moan.
I was at Play Expo but a few weeks back (I was Dan) I got a chance to play the new Devil may cry game, its looks bloody great, but as we all know it can be like Michaela Strachan a few years ago (looks wise), but if it has the personality of one of those goits from Geordie shore* and the entertainment factor of one its shite. I was happily playing the game, ok I won't say “happily” as they kinda spoiled the combat by over complicating it**, I came to a jumping section, in past ones they have been “ok” (in 4 they were bloody annoying) in this? Well lets just say that like the combat they have added something to it, no longer is it a “simple” double jump (they themselves are silly due to what you jumping off while in the air?) it was a long jump followed by press this while holding this then do this, seriously? Add on to this a camera that wanted to move mid jump forcing me to fall and have to do it again and again and again. Why did they need to add more?


If Jet set Willy had all this crap it would have been shite, Sonic has this stuff but for the most part its optional and only if you want to show off, why do they need to complicate things?

As simple as pressing the “A” button
Or “B”
Or “Up” depending on the game

*Only been forced the adverts for it as one of the channels I watch shows them EVERY SODDING AD BREAK It is cancer for the eyes and brain.

**Really in the middle of a group of enemies I don't want to have to press more buttons and do some sodding QTE.

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  1. This is why I find it hard to enjoy most games - needless complications!

    Not to mention all the bloody tutorials.