Friday, 23 November 2012

Nights of gaming

Ok I have been setting up the fabled Computer Club for about two years now so I feel the need to rant about it.
I think.
Is there anything to rant about?
I don’t think there is as it seems like ive said it all, damn, I really don’t feel like doing a long post about it as it seems a bit pointless. Yes it does! So bugger off.

You haven’t have you?
What’s that you want content to this moan don’t you? Ok content ye shalt have.
Ok maybe there is something, its that after setting it all up most the time I don’t feel like playing much. Its weird, its probably something to do with some of the things I put out are mine, ALL MINE!
I have found my self buying a few games just for the the nights (four of the same Xbox game for example, I mean four copy’s of Halo?)

Yeah setting it up was a bugger at first, but its now organised and it takes me half the time . (Ok over statement as it depends on what I stick out) and its a bloody good work out lugging those TVs and boxes about and it is two times a month (second Friday and last Tuesday) and ok the Friday night one is like a plane with out fuel (yet to take off), but still its there.
At least I don’t charge people to sit down and have a go of what ever I stick out (I take requests just let me know in advance) at the end of the day I will just say “You do the maths” its a simple sum.
Pub + Gaming + others = ???????
(Pro tip a great night out)
What I stick out are some bloody great multi player games (trying to avoid the lone gamer motif) and a few titles nobody has ever really played (I am responsible for a resurgence of Death tank players) and nobody walks away disappointed so its all good, all I can say is pop in some time and have a bloody good go on what ever I stick out and enjoy your self, trust me playing head to head is way better than this online bollocks anyway.

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