Sunday, 18 November 2012

Wii will remember you

Lady's and gentlemen.

Here lies the Wii. It was a machine that broke the walls down, it brought gaming out of the bed room into the living room, it made gaming a for all ages thing, it had its ups and downs, but tech wise it proved that you don't need to be as powerful as a caffeine powered giant hamster in a wheel to provide entertainment for all ages.

It changed things.

Ok in some cases this was a bad thing as it led to the Kinect, one of the worst gaming peripherals in existence *and it to had its own fair share of imitators, most if not all of them coming from China.
For every Zelda there was ten spamware titles, for every Madworld there was ten copy paste spamware titles that only changed the number on the box
But at the end of the day can we say that no games machine was without the spam?
So lady’s, gentlemen children of all sizes I give you the Wii.
It truly was a revolution to gaming to bad about the name.

*But quite good at other things


  1. Is it really dead? They're not going to stop just because of that silly WiiU thing are they?

  2. Next to no new games next year, most are spam