Friday, 7 August 2015

Dur ROM question

Im back and like a horse that's been out in the fields all day then is expected to take its own shoes off and nail on its own slippers im grumpy.

Why don't you use original carts?
Why do you use flash carts?

Heres a question ive been asked in the past and you know what? They can just about feck off. on my games nights I do use flash carts or alternate loading devices, do you know why I use them? Do you really really want to know why? Well bollocks to you im going to tell you anyway.
The main reason is because while having a pile of carts on the table looks nice its not very efficient, also I don't want to own a load of games I my self will never play, I got over that whole "GOTA OWN THEM ALL!" phase years ago, im not impressed by walls of games any more, I don't want to own the likes of Fifa on every bloody console just because some nupty asked for it (Sensi or get lost), sure the odd person will complain, but balls to them the Fifa types rarely come back anyway.

There is also the whole things getting nicked part of it, its a free for all type event, I have had stuff nicked, ive known peoples stuff to get nicked, sure a lot of people that come to these things are ok types of people, they don't want to nick, they don't want there stuff nicked, its all generally ok, but all it takes is one scrote to nick one game with out knowing its value and I have to rebuy it, same goes for discs, actually with discs there's the whole damage thing, some people really do not know how to handle discs (NEVER LEAVE THEM ON THE TABLE!), so instead I have a modded console and a folder full of CD-Rs, sure that don't look as nice, but balls to it,
But seriously have you seen the price of some Saturn games? Its friggen insane!

"But that's illegal"
Ok here we go, the conversation usually goes as follows
"If you own the game you have to rip the ROM your self for it to be legal" Thats bollocks, few have such devices and its still bollocks even if you do as even then its a grey area.
"Its ok if you own the game" Welllll not really, the company wont and dont give a shit, Im yet to see anybody get raided for owning a load of old ROMs, newer consoles on the other hand, but I dont really bother with them, well at least not until no more games are being made of it (meh Wii, but who the bloody hell will buy Just Dance 2015?)
"The company isn't making money off them anymore" actually this is mostly true, Nintendo on the other hand still are and there's other companys that release there older titles on download services and collections like the radcal Sega MegaDrive collections, and the excellent Midway and Taito ones), if its on there well good go out and buy them, but for the most part you will have to buy those collections second hand, so the company wont be getting a penny, its the same with old games, the company wont get any money from a Ebay sale, just the ebay type that most of the time will be over charging anyway.
Sure people will complain but I dont see a Konami collection with the likes of rocket Knight and Paroduis, or a PC engine collection, ITS LIKE THEY DON'T LIKE MONEY FOR THERE OLD STUFF!!

"But its not the same"
Playing games on anything but the host hardware will never be the same, using a flash cart is almost exactly the same, the only difference is instead of taking the cart out you just reset and pick something else, also no matter what USB controller you got, no matter what filters you put on, no matter if you have scan lines on or no matter if you squint, take some acid, get drunk and spin around till you puke, playing on an emulator is a bit of a soulless experience, it will never be as good as host hardware on a old CRT tv and that's why I use flash carts.

Same kinda goes with films, you can have a massive 4k TV and want to watch some old film on it, bunt in the end of the day an old CRT has a glow and a feeling these new TVs dont

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  1. I still don't own a flatscreen telly - can't play my lightgun games on them, and my VHS tapes look shit on them!