Friday, 14 August 2015

Graphical content

Im back and like somebody that just had his Lego tower topple over im grumpy.

I know there's a statement that goes like this "Graphics don't make the game" and for the most part this is true, BUT!! (Oh yes a big but, a Yokozuna sized butt)
Im looking at the modern gen systems (PS4/XBOX1) and im seeing games that look like they could be high end PS2 games, what the hell happened to the graphics? People are buying these machines hoping for next gen graphics and all they are getting is stuff that looks old hat, I know that most of them are multi platform titles that take into account the previous gen, but still GIVE US SOMETHING THAT DON'T LOOK 2 GENS OLD!!  Even these "Next gen" games don't look all that special, they also look dull as shit, ITS ALL THE SAME CRAP!!

Its either that or they make the game look like you need to turn the brightness up to see anything. what ever happened to day time? Even in games from the past (like Tenchu) when its night you can still see shit, granted that's "Not very realistic", but bollocks to realistic im playing a game I don't care for it (to those that say Fifa and COD are realistic, for one you aint playing with a real ball and for two if you get shot IRL your life dont regen that fast).

You want some games that look better than the current shit? Look at these titles.
F-zero GX A GAMECUBE GAME!! It moves blisteringly fast and looks the part as well.
Ni no Kuni, a PS3 game where the actual world you explore has more detail than a lot of the modern crap with blurry as shit textures and lack of detail.
NiGHTS on PS2, these days the Saturn one looks horrible, most 3D games of that era do and the Saturn isn't a 3D powerhouse, the HD version looks a bit to nice, they added to much detail.
Wipeout Pulse, wow another PS2 game, but this game actually looks the part, its to bad we cant just go slow and take in the view.
Sonic allstars racing transformed, of look another racing game, but that amount of detail that flys past you is unbelievable.
Oh yeah and by the way, them games also play very well

You know what thought, at the end of the day they dont mean shit, I have seen games that are nothing more than squares that play better, and simple olde games that look like they are fun, unlike the trash thats coming out now

Its still a moot point for me and probabliy why im just going PC from this gen on

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