Saturday, 27 March 2010

Flashing pirates

Right its time to “Get my moan on”
Ok this one was later than usual due to me not writing it till Saturday
So then if you haven't herd there's a new DS out and a new 3D one on the way (In before April fools) . Now there's one thing that the DS is lacking on the release side of things and that is DECENT GAMES!! But what is to blame for that? Why is it that looking for a good game is like wading threw a ocean of morning piss looking for the clean bit to drink?(You know the stuff that early morning piss where your body gets out all of its waste in the form of a stream of yellow piss, it stinks and its not nice to look at in the bottom of the toilet). Well Ill tell you.
Its these flash carts. Everybody knows somebody that has a DS and its more than likely they know some one that uses one. Granted they where made for home-brewers to play there wares on the DS and to allow people to play them as well, but they have a darker side to them (No not Darth Vader porn) it is that they can be used to play downloaded DS roms and there's the problem. So instead of going out and buying “NEW EXICTING ACLAMED GAME” they go on to Isohunt, look for a download of it, pop it on there flash cart and play it. No sale there then now think of what I said earlier, no not the piss bit the bit where I said “Everybody knows somebody that has a DS and its more than likely they know some one that uses one” know think of them they are more than likely the ones that will want to play that game I mentioned so there goes a few sales of the game. So if all those are downloading games and not buying them who is buying them? Well a few of use still do, but that isn't enough numbers of people that buy it to keep it selling. So why is there still games coming out on it? Well look at them movie licenses, shitty TV tyins, girl games. WHY ARE THEY SELLING AND NOT THE GOOD GAMES? Well lets take a look at who buys them. Its that guy again. He whomb I mentioned in my past blogs yep THAT GUY. He buys games that he thinks will be good as “The TV/movie version is good so this will be a great game” and then proceed to buy it so there's one sale for the piss feast. He wont complain if a games company makes “Dancing on Ice 2010” and not “Gunstar Heroes mega blast” so who does?
Oh look its the guys that downloaded the game before (and me).
So there is the problem.
People that pirate games are destroying the games industry more than all the shovelware put together. After all there the things that are keeping the consoles selling and those lesser games company's a float.
So well done.
You guys are the reason why looking for a decent game on the DS is like wading threw a sea of piss.
And before you ask no I don't own one.
Insert hateful comments below (plz?)


  1. was it in RG i read an interview with a game designer the other day and they asked if he was going to produce a game for the DS and he said no because of the piracy? you reap what you sow...

  2. Exactly my point.
    In this day and age of "only the most selling survives" crap sells more.