Friday, 19 March 2010

Some moving words about the "Move"

Right its time to “Get my moan on”

So then the Playstation move
Yeah I have spoken about it before, but I feel I didn't go that far about why its moan worthy.
Why such hate for it?
Well look at it.
I know it looks like a Wiimote, but that's beside the point. It looks like something else more. What am I getting at here? Well let me tell you in the form of a story

All names are made up none of the following people are based off real people
For the past few months lil Dave (7) with his PS3 and collection of kids games (In a chavs eyes) that include such nicety's such as Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Fifa 08 and Disney plat-former 3 has been mithering about the new Playstation move and his step dad that we shall just call Baz and mum Becky have just got there child maintenance threw and spent it all on Blue Lightning and weed unknown to lil Dave, but Daves birthday is due soon and he being the chavs child that he is thinks the reason why his mum and step dad have no money for new trainers is that they have gotten him what he wants.
So lil Dave goes into his parents bed room while they are down the pub and looks for his presents.
He pulls out a box.
Inside is a long black thing.
Lil Dave gets it out and trys to use it with his PS3
Sadly we all know what he has in his hands.
No its not the Playstation move.
Its another thing that looks like one.

Yeah the Playstation move looks like a dildo from some sci-fi movie.
But why?
Well some will say “So that it fits easier in your hands”, I think its shaped like that for another reason.
We all know that Sony like to copy other company's ideas and slap the word “NEW IDEA DO NOT STEAL!” on them, but I think they have misread what the Wiimote is (Or they have seen that picture of the girl shoving it up in her rude bits) and decided to make it look more penis like and rounded so it fits in easier
Its shaped like that so Sony fan boys can go fuck them selfs with it.

But come on!
For years us gamers have come home from what ever we have been doing and just wanted to sit there controller in hand and unwind. With all these new get off your arse controllers it looks like we wont be able to for long.
I know Nintendo made the idea of being active in games seem like fun, but look at what grade a tripe the Wii has got.
Now think of the same titles only with more graphics.
Wooooo “Walk it out” with life like people.

People want games like Punch my face hard till theres blood on your hands and Really good golf game 11 to bad that what they will get is Disney's hop skip and jump and In the night Garden point at the birdy game.
Yeah so I'm not expecting much from this Move, but then I don't have a PS3 yet (of the current gen I own a 360 and a Wii) so I should be looking forward to Natal, but I don't think I can.
All I have seen of it so far is interacting with some boy that looks AMAZING!!
Nar not really.
Social interaction is best done down the pub or out side and not on a computer.
Witch is probably where is best to be active.
Heck if I got active in my living room I might break something. I even tried to set out my Sega Activator the other day and failed due to lack of floor space (must tidy).

Thanks for reading.

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