Friday, 12 March 2010


(A typical fanboy in this case its Fanboy from freakaziod)
Right I have had my morning tea (ran outa milk so its blacker than the soul of EAs recruitment policy's) so its time to get my moan on

Fan-boys there bloody annoying.
They sit there with there eyes closed to the truth about the thing there a massive fan about.
The Urban dictionary describes them as such

A passionate fan of various elements of geek culture (e.g. sci-fi, comics, Star Wars, video games, anime, hobbits, Magic: the Gathering, etc.), but who lets his passion override social graces.
At the mall I almost got mowed over by some Dragonball Z fanboy on his skateboard.

1. A person who is completely loyal to a game or company reguardless of if they suck or not. 
2. A pathetic insult often used by fanboys themselves to try and put down people who don't like whatever it is they like. 
3. See fool or SEGA.
"If you don't worship SEGA and send them all your money and pay $500 for the copy of Panzer Dragon I'm selling on ebay then your obviously a Sony fanboy even though I've never heard you mention a single thing about Sony the entire five minutes I've known you." Said the SEGAFanboy. 

"Yeah but the SNES didn't have Blast Processing" Said the Sega fanboy. 

"FF7 sucks" Said the SEGA Saturn fanboy.

(But Final Fantasy 7 does suck)

Ok I could have been called one in the past with the Sega Saturn as I thought it was the best thing ever and constantly made fun of the Playstations short comings to those that had one forgetting of course the Saturn had a load of its own (mainly it didn't do 3D games), but I grew up and grew out of it.
But fan boys have been around since well forever.
I think religion started it all with one section of people saying “Fuck yeah our god is more godly than yours£ and more criticising there vision of god and calling him a “Hippy pile-o-shite” saying “get a hair cut and a job” while worshipping a stick with a trilby on it and then taking it to the extremes and starting a war over it. When to there own shock the trilby blows off so they are left with a normal stick that gets discarded in the bin for collection the next day. (thank god im a atheist ok maybe not as I do worship at the alter of Lemmy and will be putting “Heavy Metal” in the census next year for shits and giggles)
Skip forward a few more years (try hundreds)now there's football teams and these guys have the same ideas they go to a massive dome like building and worship there own teams by buying the same T-shirts while wishing harm upon those that support the opposing side and chanting there mantra “your shit your shit don't you know it”
There are also anime fan boys and these are annoying as well.
I mean come on Bleach its just DragonBallz with swords and without the nostalgia and they see those bits where they show off there ultimate technique (arm chopo)to some body whom later on in the series ends up being somebody that gets all the very low level fights while the main hero shows off his newer ultimate technique (super arm chopo) to this newer bad guy that also later on becomes his friend, but this feels like im having a dig at Bleach here, but who can blame me?
There's more than Bleach though, but im just singling it out as it was the first one that popped into my head when I thought of anime fan boys (Ok Naruto popped up as well, but thats has a load of flaws so I wont bother going on about it, but hold on this is a game blog and im going on about thinks that could be tediously linked to games.
So console fanboys
These days its hard to understand why they still exist. I mean the 360 and PS3 get the same games coming out on them for the most part so its kinda down to there own lack of inelegance. Then there's the Wii I find very little that's good about that one as looking for “good games” on it is like walking threw a stream of sea looking for a spec of gold. I have had the pleasure of reading one Wii fanboys uneducated rants on a site known as “Wiichat” where he goes on at length about how developers are lazy and the Wii can handle games like the 360s version of Dead Rising with the 360s on screen zombie count and that Capcom where lazy with the port. I hate to of had him round in the 90s.
So yeah fanboys are a annoying bread of people that need to shut the hell up and look at there consoles down sides.

Yeah so theres a lot of fanboys about
from big time ones like galaxy's (milky way of GTFO) to tea and coffee (im on the tea side of things)
Maybe you know of a fan boy. Maybe you are one. maybe you are one of me (seek help now)
Thanks for skimming your eyes over the text
Feel free to comment and ask for a moan about something.

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