Friday, 5 March 2010

question of control

Well its time to get my moan on
(This was wrote before I read this months Retro Gamer)
So controllers then. Over the years we have had a few different examples of them over the years, some better than others. From the excellent Sega Saturn controller to the arse fest of the Sega Activator (getting us active in our games WHAT WHERE THEY THINKING!!?), but now all of our controllers have to be wireless. Now with the Wii thats understandable as you don't need a cord in the way as you swing the damn thing around while playing Wii Tennis, but then some thing bad happens as your battery's go flat so now you have to find some more so you can continue playing or in the case of the PS3/360 find the charge cable and use it as a wired controller. In my case id use it as a wired one anyway as I dont sit that far away from the screen.
While I'm on about "waggle" controllers I have to mention Sonys new dildo controller. Its another add on to the pile of "What Nintendo do others copy and improve" the main improvement in this case is its shape, its more rounded so those dirty feckers can make a porn game and use it as a rudimentary dildo and shove it up there arses to they can pretend that Lara Croft is fucking them up the arse with a strap-on.
Coming next from Sony a cock ring.

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