Friday, 21 May 2010

Positively Crappy gaming experance

Well its sunny out side it cold be what is called “A nice day” and I'm stuck inside as there are things to be done round the flat. Ok I could probably go outside but I can't be arsed so I have a glass of Irn Bru and some Dio on (HE LIVED!!) so its time to “Get my moan on”
Pc gaming (not as in emulators). Yet another thing that I seem to hate in my massive hate filled mind (Ok its not all hate as I do have something called love that makes me feel wrong inside). I'm a simple person (no not like that) I like my gaming time to be spent playing the games not making sure if they will work on my PC. Just plug in and turn on (with a game in durr). Its one of the main reasons why I no longer own a Commodore 64, Amiga or Spectrum as spending five minutes listening to it whine is five minutes into some thing like the sublime Gunstar heroes or five minutes into ANOTHER FMV BIT in Metal Gear Solid . Heck there are games that I could finish in five minutes. So skip forward to what this moan is about and it is about PC gaming (If you hadn't of guessed from the first few words) it is a problem for me as I am the type of person that don't This moan is kinda triggered by Steam recently giving away Portal FOR FREE!!(is there anybody that really hates this game?) Que happiness from around the web, then que sadness as people like me have to mess around with loads of settings just to make sure it don't jerk around like a bad cam job of some new film. Well there's two main reasons why
For starters there's the “Installing” thing. I have the game on a disc in the drive. Why do I have to sit there waiting for it to install? Ok so I understand about the settings that have to be saved, but that's just a small file and now we have the main consoles (ok not the Wii) doing it. So what if it lowers loading time. If I have the disc in the drive that's the game I want to play. Where as I admit it is convenient to have your favourite games a click away all recent PC games are on DVD and that's about 4 gigs worth of stuff. Try installing a few of them on your hard drive then see how much space you have left)
There is also the hardware side of things. New PC hardware seems to come out every month. Ok so not all games need all this recent tech to play, but when it costs over a ton (that's a hundred pounds to other people) for last years tech so even when I have the money for it its retro already. This is why I am thankful for consoles its only every five years a new one comes out (unless its a hand-held as Nintendo seem to be making one of them every few months). Speaking of, isn't it time for a new console?
But there is good bits as well. For the most part PC games are fully configurable in the controls department. My Trackball and pad controls are really good (In the case of portal trackball was for looking and fire pad was moving jump and duck (note only half was held and the 360 pad is good for this)
Then there'ss also the moding of games this can usually make the games more entertaining (Look up Garys mod to see what I mean).

Overall PC gaming is a bit hit and miss for the likes of me because at the end of the day you do still see most of the PC games coming out on consoles and for the most part the most PC games I end up playing are a few years old and then there's the emulation and not forgetting games like Solitaire Free-cell and Minesweeper that are the most played PC games ever.
Thanks for glancing at this.

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