Friday, 7 May 2010

Shoulder of burden

Right I have my cuppa here I had some music on (it was the Panzer dragoon OST till it started to get hard to listen to while trying to get some work done while fighting off “Nostalgia attacks”) I have my parrot over looking my typing. So its time to “Get my Moan on”

If you don't like the word “Controller” don't read this moan.
So I have done a few posts about controllers, but theres one thing that I missed out and its something that is on all recent controllers. What is it WELL HOLD ON IM GETTING TO THAT STOP BEING SO IMPATIENT! Honestly people these days they want things as soon as possible if I wanted things as soon as possible id be in the red money wise and I wouldn't go to the Tudor caff in Stockport. Ok im going off topic here an that topic shall be revealed NOW!!
Shoulder buttons.
*Stunned silence*
Ok don't all cheer at once.
Yeah these things at the top of pads that are meant to allow us more control and for the most part they do. Well ok thats a bit to positive for a moan. So on to what annoys me about them. Well for the most part there a bit out of the way. I will show you what I believe are the worst ones.

Yes the ones on the Intellivision controller. They are hard to press and as the controller its self is a load of crap they don't help matters as they require a lot of force to press the damn things and that makes games like Burger Time bloody hard to play and thats not easy to do with its disc controller.
Skip forward to the SNES ones these where great for F-Zero, but a major annoyance for Street Fighter as there was only four buttons on the front. Ok so some SNES fanboys will be foaming at the mouth at my slating of the SNES pad. ITS TRUE ITS NOT THE BEST!! The damn D-pad is rubbish when put against the Mega Drive one.
Skip forward a bit and we have the N64 with its three shoulder buttons L, R and Z and its god awful placement of them. Ok so there aren't that many games that use every button on the pad (Think THQs Wrestling ones are the only ones), but still its hard to have every button covered. I have come up with a way, but its not easy and not comfortable Id have a picture of this position (easy there) but I have no hands free to take it. Then on to the GameCube that looks like its some kind of kids toy, but at least THE “Z” BUTTON IS IN REACH!!
Skip more time to the Saturns first UK pad What the hell? THESE THINGS ARE LIKE TORTURE ON MY FINGERS!!! Ok so in the early days of the Saturn no games really made a lot of use of them (Panzer Dragoon is probably the one that made the best use out of them in the early days)and Sega sorted it out with the mark 2 pad. Then they went a bit mad with the strangely titled “3d controller” aren't all controllers 3D anyway? Well fans called it “The Fat Controller” these days its called “Sir Topham Hatt” as calling something “Fat” isn't very fucking PC (I really hate those fags they have spoiled TV and are probably the reason why Till death do us part isn't on TV). The shoulder buttons on that where more like triggers of a gun and interestingly there was a code for some games so that they played better with that pad or the Dan Jevons control method as it was known to Sega Saturn Magazine readers. That pad then lost two buttons (why?), got a shitty d-pad (WHY?) and gained a few ports (the pad could be detached from its cable for some reason) and became the Dreamcast controller and the rest became history.......Well it became the Xbox pad and that was bigger than Sir Topham Hatts hats arse and even less fun to use. I mean it had two new buttons called “Black and White” where these some kind of viral advertising for the “Black and white” game that never saw a port on the console?
That was more or less sorted with the “S-controller” that was quite nice to use, but still black and white where out of the way. Then came the strangely titled “Xbox 360” (Note to idiots ITS NOT CALLED JUST XBOX!! If you are that lazy as to abbreviate some thing that is already short call it a 360). That pad is ok. Even if the guy that moved the analogue sticks round is a prick.
During the time of Segas last reign as console makers a little known company released a console who are they? They where Sony and there pad had FOUR SHOULDER BUTTONS!! Because two weren't enough (It also had a crappy D-pad that looked like four arrows pointing to a place where treasure was hidden, but no amount of digging found anything of value) there where not well placed, but as we all know Sony likes to steal ideas and make them there own. The PS2 controller changed them a bit and made them a little easier to press, but still the L1 and R1 ones where a bit outa the way. The PS3 ones are more like triggers still the same pad only the back buttons are now made with First Person Shooters in mind (Maybe thats why theres so many of them).
Well thats the home consoles sorted now for handhelds
This is a new thing as the first one to have them was the GameBoy Advance they where ok I guess then to the SP. Oh dear.
Who ever made them that small and that hard to get to needs to be chinned.
Then the Micro haven't had the chance to play on one at length so can't moan about it.
Then the DS FUCK IT!!!
DS lite SAME!!
PSP take the same idea as a PS one pad and fuck it up.
Well thats all from me this week next one is burning round in my head (its ok I pored some water in my ear to put it out), but I have been asked “How do I find things to moan about?” So I might end up doing something about that.

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  1. Yes, they're a bit of a mixed bag really, aren't they? I hate the ones on the PlayStation pad(s) but I always found the ones on the SNES and 3DO (for they are very similar) were pretty good. And the DC ones (if you can even call them shoulder buttons) are great for driving games. :)