Friday, 28 May 2010

Fear of the darkrness

Well its Friday. I have a carton of that lovly Rubicon Mango juice (theres a Mango week? What about the Bananas?), I have some good music on so it means it must be time to “Get My Moan on”

So what is it with these modern games and the lack of decent light fixtures? Its like in the future the have forgot about the power of decent lighting. Its so damn dark! Id hate to be afraid of the dark as these games would be hard to cope with. Even worse if you have Melanophobia or the fear of your own refection as you will be seeing a lot of it. What happened to torches? Did they forget they existed? There common as muk these days. Maybe its due to in the future they can only use these new energy efficient ones and as we know they don't fit to well in torches and are a bit ugly. Ok its wrong to call them “NEW” as they have been out for a long time, but just look at one (Not not while they are on unless you want to see white dots even it that will counter that amount of blackness, but if you want to see white dots you can either paint on a pair of classes or on your eyes, one is ok the other will make you have eyes like M Bison).
I think the only one where I liked it dark is in DOOM3 some hated it I liked it, but at least that guy had a torch, but why didn't he think of strapping it to his head? Is sticky back plastic gone as well?
You would think that in the future its always night time. Like the sun dicided to go on holidays.
Now I know that night time missions are meant to be done to surprise the enemy, but what if they have a touch? Or that greeny night vision? Or worse still have learned from the years of games that a raid will probably happen at night and so have shut the doors to there base and are all wrapped up warm with a mug of coco. While muggins decides to go there at night threw the wind and rain and other assorted nasty weather that the weather man got wrong as he is blinded due to trying that painting white dots on your eyes trick (Kids don't try that at home).
I mean what if you are like me and end up playing these games during the day? Thanks now I have to close my damn curtains and make it look like im doing seedy things in my flat and stopping daylight from getting in.
All I ask for is the option of having decent light fixtures so if I wanted to surprise the enemy I could shoot out the lights so they know what its like to live in the dark.

Unless they are the evil mole men in which case we are all screwed!


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