Thursday, 28 October 2010

Deus EX perfect? MY ARSE!

Ok so bare with me on this. Here’s a moan about a perfect game or games.

Now they will be about the games I will call the best they are at what they do. Well in my eyes anyway.

What’s gonna be the first up in my eyes?

Well its critically acclaimed shooter

Deus EX

This game has a load of problems with it, but is perfect and one that don't have to many trying to be it. Why I do not know. It had a sequel that was not as bad as people say (there are worse RPG/FPS games out there). Its a really good game in its own right and a third in making, but I know little about it apart that my PC wont handle it. Ok this is about the first.

To give you a idea about the game and why its good in one sentence its like this -

Mod your self up, read objective, do it how ever you want, the more you play the more things you find to do.

Sounds great huh?

You can read reviews that talk about what’s great about it so here is what’s I hate about it.

There are going to be spoilers in this post for the game, but if you haven’t played it yet go and play it now.

The PS2 version.

They tried, oh boy they tried, but the PS2 lost some things (like the controls) and gain some others (annoying loading times). Its a good thing to start with, but feels a bit enclosed and not as open as the PC version. Still worth checking out.

The lack of pad support.

I don't know why they can't just let you use one, but a game like this isn’t really suited to a pad. Still my half pads half game control’s would be great for it.

The story.

Not one of its strongest points. As a matter of fact its flat and been done before.

Death seems to come all to easy.

Ok this is meant to make it a bit more realistic, but on easy?

Getting tranquillised.

This is really annoying. It does not effect the CPU like it does the player. Heck the CPU can keep shooting that crap into you while you try to shoot back.

Quick save

This is a game breaker. You can do a quick save at any time as soon after the other as you want. This can take out some of the risks in experimenting and experimenting is what this games all about. Add in a save anywhere any time thing and its ruined.

None of your decisions effect the out come of the game.

Ok so threw out the game you can make decisions about what to do.(like on the first bit you can tell Gunter to stay put or give him a gun to kill people). Nothing else really happens. It is not talked about at all afterwards.

The last bit of the game.

You slog all the way threw, make loads of decisions and at the end its all down to doing one of three things to see the end and it all feels a bit rushed.

Some of the voice acting.

Ok Annas voice made me have a special feeling, but we’re talking lame here. At least there was now annoying ones. It was just more wooden than a lumber yard.

The soddign name.

“Deus EX” Bloody rubbish. Why the “EX?” Sounds like people are trying to say “Do ya sex”

So there you have it. Damn fine game with a load of flaws. Do they spoil it?

Do they smeg

And in closing ill just leave this here

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