Monday, 11 October 2010

Thing of the moment

I was really not in the mood for gaming shit like this, but here I go.

Remember when Microsoft said "No controller for Kinect"?
Well here is something that is just the thing that they siad was not going to be done, but some faggy little third party comapny went and did it anyway for shites and money.

A soding dingy for those with no dignity
What the red ring of satan after he has pooped out some razor wire is this shit? Well there blurb says the following.....
Game Boat™ is de facto the first accessory for the
peripheral which doesn't need any. The first product in the Play On™ line-up brings the entertainment of Kinect Adventures™ game out of the tv set, directly in your living room! Game it Real™ ! With this real-size replica of Kinect Adventures™'s awesome dinghy .
Size: 150 x 150 cm. Ideal to comfortably play in 2 gamers simultaneously, still without being clumsy in the living room.
Easily inflated in a few minutes through the practical pump (included). Game Boat™ can also be used in the watyr, at the sea or at the pool, by children and adults.

They say that I say its one of those cheap arse little inflatables that you can get from those little beach huts or Arogs for a few quid.
You know what they can do with this shite?
Inflate the boat then go out to sea in a storm and get lost at sea. htis is the type of shite we expect on the Wii not the 360.
If you are curious to want one here is a link to the site for it

But dont come crying to me when your pussy pops the damn thing.

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