Friday, 15 October 2010

Ye Legende of ye Moaning sod

Ye Legende of ye Moaning sod

Long ago there existed nothing. Just a empty space. This space was soon to be filled up like a virgin taking her first bit of action, but unlike her it was to be filled up with crap. Like the mentioned crap, this crap is like a Wii games display in somewhere like Game. There is lots of bad crap and little good crap and a few black-holes that suck. One tiny insignificant part of this space will soon be taken up by a planet called “Earth” this is the place where lots of shit happens. Where a race of beings called “Homosapains” (some more homo than others) that evolved from slime (some still are slime) and decided that some will be arseholes to each other. Said arsehole probably got into shit for it and probably ended up as shit in the ground when they died. In ide them all something was crawling inside. Something that is still there to this day.

Skip forward a few thousand years as most of the rest of them had to much shit to list. To the 80s a decade full of shit. Some good shit (Atari 2600 yo) some bad shit (some of them songs) and at the end of the first year of that decade of shit I was born I am still unsure if I am good shit or bad shit.

That thing mentioned in the last paragraph is also inside me.

It crawls round inside.

It is that being that comes out in the words of this here blog.

That thing is

Ye Moaning sod

A being of hostility to all things rubbish and annoying in games and life. He wants them to stop, but it is a never ending quest as he will always find something new to complain about.

He is described as a large troll like being with hair that dangles like a shredded shower curtain. With what looks like the bristles of a paint brush on his chin. His fashion sense is like the decade he is from. He is normally a nice bloke, until he “Gets his moan on” then you don't wanna be round him as shit will fly.

Ok just the words. A load of words. Some times pictures

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