Monday, 7 November 2011

Sonic generations problems

Ok so I played Sonic Generations at Replay and it was good.

Very good.
Really I spent a few hours on it.
It really feels like Sega read the guidelines I did in my "Perfect Sonic game" moan I wrote all that time ago, but there's is a few things that bugged me about it. These are off the top of my head.

  • Why is it one act each and not two acts and a boss each?
Come on its not like its would be hard to do it. Ok having the same boss in 3D and 2D would prove a bit challenging, but at least give us the classic "swinging ball" boss from Green hill zone (with a few new tricks). The levels are longer than normal .(It dont take 60 secounds to do the first), but come on Sonic games have 2/3 acts (Ok not all, but most) and they are big with a few different routes threw them, but then so did Sonic 3. Speaking of. Where was a Sonic 3 level? (Sonic 3 and Knuckles don't count). How about next time having some levels from none main series Sonics?
  • Why cant I just go from one stage to another with out all that level select stuff?
Come on how many people want this? The feeling of going from level to level with out all the damn level select thing.
  • Why so few levels?
9 levels? Ok so they got most the famous ones, but come on less isnt more more is more and people like me like more.
  • Not down and jump for spindash
Really? They had to add a extra control for Classic Sonic?
  • Hints
"When you get hit you lose rings" Really? Do we need info like this? A game targeted at Sonic fans and your giving out hints like that? Or is it a pisstake.

There is probably more, but as I said these are off the top of my head and the game did trigger a sense of nostalgia while I played it and was bloody good. Its just the moaning side of me hated these problems

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