Sunday, 13 November 2011

Viral advertising

Well if you probably haven’t seen there’s a new game out.

Same as more or less every week and there is one thing that annoys me a bit about them.

Its not he game its self if it don’t take my interest I just ignore it. Its some thing else. Its something that people say sells games.

Its the advertising.(no more “Its” starting a sentence now) Cast your gaze towards Kotaku of late and your eyes will be insulted by a game called Skyrim (random gifs of what I think is the main character doing the normal macho yelling in a rather generic 300 way) , a game that few will of noticed or even given a toss about if it wasn’t advertised all over the bloody site. Seriously its like the site is saying “OMG YOU MUST BUY THIS GAME” “SELL YOUR KIDNEYS IF YOU DONT HAVE THE CASH, YOU MUST HAVE IT! ITS GOING TO BE THE BEST GAME EVER” (I lied)

For a better visual representation for those reading this in the near future when the game is in all the bargain bins and people stopped giving a toss for the new flavour of the month, picture that bit in Back to the Future part 2 when Marty goes into that “80s restaurant” and he gets that screen telling him “YOU MUST TRY THE DEEP FRYED SPECAIL” (Or something) only for him to order a Pepsi. That’s kinda what it feels like to see loads of adds forced upon me.

I’m glad I don’t really watch TV. As I hate to have adds flung at me. (at least there’s no radio adds for it).

The thing is now it seems to be having a opposite effect.

Games that are over advertised to the point of becoming like having them tattooed on my eyes by the advertisers become ones that I hate and stuff that I wont buy. (think coca Cola and McDonalds, but they are also a question of taste). So im kinda glad that Zelda 2011s only really advertised in mags. On one page.

But then the Zelda name is advertising its self.

Its advertising that what lies inside its box is not going to be shite. (pushing the CD-I ones off a cliff into a pit of Ravenous Bugblatter beats from Traal.

Along with the CD-I as it was arse.

Really it was arse.

Not even a pleasant arse like one of Kyle its one of the afore mentioned beast.

After a bad curry.

Anyway CD-I hate ends here as there fans of it that will rage (still comments below are welcome)

Thanks for reading.

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