Friday, 26 February 2010

My next generation

Next Gen?

Ok this moan is going to be about people referring to the current generation of consoles as “next gen”.
In the past a lot of us looked forward to this “Next generation” of consoles. Back when it was the bit wars era the next gen was always a number that was double what it was, but then came along the Dreamcast and it died down a bit for us all as the makers stopped boasting about who many bits it was and so ended the bit wars. What bit would we be on now? 256? Well the 360 must be wrongly titled as 360 isn't 256x2 unless it is called a 360 due to the circle on the front?. Maybe the PS3 is called so due to it having the power of three Psones and the Wii is called the Wii due to it…..................?
Anyway that's all of pondering why the Wii is called a Wii as its no longer 2006.

Annnnnyway so next gen or the current gen as it should be known.
Its a eerie thought that the Dreamcast is retro when I remember it being called “Next Gen” and now its in Retro gamer as a bit of video games history. So does this mean that in ten more years the 360/PS3 will be in Retro gamer?(that's if the printed media is still going in ten years). Will we be looking back and saying “Wow remember Portal? What a great game that was” and then buying it online to play on our PS4s(Im guessing on the title here).
While people like me moan that this next gen of consoles has robbed us of the pleasure of holding a new game in our hands.
So can people stop referring to the 360 and PS3 as next gen?
Ok the Wii is last gen one point five.

While im on it
Whats with people calling the 360 the Xbox?
Lets call it the 360 as that's its name
We dont call the PS 3 the playstation do we?

Thanks for reading

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