Friday, 4 June 2010

Listing moan

Sorry for the lateness of this weeks moan things have gone tits up in the kitchen and not in a good way. (all that food gone to waste). This moan will be shorter than usual. Normal moaning will resume next week.
So anyway its time to “Get my moan on” Ok so we all have seen these “Top things” lists and for the most part people will always disagree with them. At the end of the day they are all down to personal opinions, but as I always say “Opinions are like onions, they are not always welcome” so why am I moaning about them? Well one thing is that when mags that arent associated with games do them they are usually the worst type like with Empires recent “Top 50 games characters” ill save you from looking threw it and just say that Gordon Freeman is at number one.
Yeah Freeman he hasn't spoken once, he has no personality. Hes basically lifeless pile of polygons, but this ain't a rant against rubbish games characters (yes mi calling him rubbish). Then you see thing like “TOP 50 GAMES!” on MSNs site that has what is the same game in there a few times and probably some older titles that they have probably only ever herd where good.
There is one mag that dose a top ten every issue and it is a games mag infarct it is GamesTM. They tend to be games of a certain type or theme (like sports, horror or pervy). They recently did one about the top multi-player games. Some of it was blatantly obvious (Bomberman, Mario Kart) but they also had crap on there (COD/HALO REALLY! We all know that when there next games come out they will be in the next list) these where mostly for online players and I don't feel that its the best way to play multi player games. The lack of Doom. Warlords, Deathtank zewi and Combat was disappointing, but ok the lack of Death tank is understandable as it wasn'tt that easy to gain access to (You needed aSaturnn Duke Nukem andetherr Quake orexhumedd saved on theinternallmemoryy)
Well at least it wasn't one of them TOP TEN SEXY GAMES FEMALES!!. I watch one of them recently and it was laughable, not due to the host (looks like she has only ever played on the Wii and seemed a bit lacking in knowing what she was talking about). So yeah these lists are bloody annoying and are usually a way of filling up a few pages for lazy writers (heck classic Rock Magazine dose it a lot) and now to tie things up heres my top list of things to do when you see one you disagree with.
1.Shake your head.
2.Rage a bit.
3.Question it.
4.Ignore it.
5.Turn the page.
6.Think no more of it.
7.Never read the offending article again.
8.Get on with your life.

Thanks for reading now back to booting that bloody fridge for warming my drinks

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  1. Yes, I agree that sometimes they're annoying, particularly when it's someone who doesn't know what they're on about (Empire should probably stick to writing about films), but sometimes they're just for fun too :)