Monday, 6 June 2011

E3 2011 - the EA Sage

Well its EA time and considering that the Microsoft one nearly worn out my grown gland I will be replacing grown's with birds. Increase your ornithology knowledge with me and EA

Mass Effect 3. Again?

Ea keeping it simple. Well I do say that most there own games are for simple people.

Need for speed the run. Well this is a surprise. A EA game that has been coming out every year for the t few years. Why would fans of a driving game want something thats on foot? Thats like having a fighting game that turns into a FPS. Wow Qtes in a racing game. Well DERPED EA. Also a plot in a racing game? What the fug?

Star Wars old republic. Wood warbler, is pleasing to the eye with its green colour. Come one. Two Star wars games? Mr Lucas must want a new diamond encrusted owl statue. Glad im not a fan as it would cost a fortune to keep up with the games.

SSX. REALLY! Another new game that shares the name with the original? What is it with games this year? They all seem to be coming out next year.

Fifa 12, Blue tailed bee-eater, is another one that is pleasing to the eye its tail is blue in colour apart from the tip. This isn’t news. This isn’t even E3 worthy as we know its coming out. People talking about Fifa and saying that it helps them play football? WOW! What where they smoking? Storys in a football game? Talk about things that aren't needed.

Madden 12. To us in the UK most of us don’t give a rats arse about it, buyt we have Fifa they have this. Three plays come out. Nope I don’t know any of them.

The Sims social, For those with no life. The Sims on Facebook. Bollocks to it.

The Reckoning, Not interested. Its another fantasy RPG

Overstrike, Show me some in game footage then ill say my interest level

Battlefeild 3, Golden pheasant, is the type of bird that wouldn’t look out of place in a gay parade. More playing solider crap. Overly long section where the game is played, time to check my email. Oh looky the In da 80s site is live. One good thing is there online services is going to BE FREE!! Good on them.

Well that’s your lot.

Overall. Hmm its a “Nothing to see here move along now” type situation.


Ok I didn't use that many birds

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