Tuesday, 7 June 2011

E3 2011 The Sony Saga

elcome to Sony's part. I just hope that this one is going to be decent as the last few have been soul destroying. PLEASE BE INTERESTING!

PSN, Talk. I think the world is sick of this saga now.

Uncharted 3, This looks decent, but probable a bit to much linear. Probably more of a movie than a game. It looks like you don’t have much control over the MC, Hur hur teaming up with a overpriced sandwich shop to promote a game.

Resistance 3, Another FPS, looks good, but Im sick of them as they are all looking the same.

Commitment to 3D. Oh dear.

And more rehearses, but of recent games all IN 3D!! FUCK 3D! Seriously. There forcing it on us.

NBA on the move, Again looks great, but I prefer NBA Jam, ITS FUN!. Arse to realistic games.

Medieval Moves, Wait wasn’t this announced last year?. Ill pass.

Infamous 2. Looks exciting, but never played the first so I wont pas judgement.

Starhawk, 3rd person shooter. Ok im going to say it. STOP WITH THE FMV! Its just good to look at and that’s it.

Sly Cooper, Well at least it don’t have guns and solders in it. No game in play just MORE FMV!

Dust, Back to the FPS. THIS IS REALLY STARTING TO ANNOY ME! MAKE SOMETHING different AND STOP FARTING OUT FPS GAMES! I seriously hope the FPS market crashes and they stop making them.

Bioshock infinity, On the other hand, Bioshock is a series that looks very different and looky game in play.

Star Trek, a movie tie-in? Show me the game. Show me the game.

Parping on about EA, Great. I don’t care, EA had there own earlier.

Playstation vita, Come on stop dragging it out. It sounds to close to Vista for my liking, so will it be as rubbish as Vista. Nice specs. Tell us the battery life and the price.

Uncharted Vita, Looks gorgeous for a handheld game, but more of the same to me.

Ruined,Looks like a modern Gauntlet interesting

Modnation racers, Another make your own stuff game, ranted its a good idea, but it seems there getting lazy. After all it looks to much like a Mario Kart clone

Street fighter x Tekken, A cross over that’s not needed. Hur PS excursive character. Its that bloke from Infamous Already there’s a game that’s not suited for the Vita. I like how there avoiding the Pound sterling price, ready for us to get shafted by it.


They have calmed down with the Move and moved on to the Vita, it seems interesting at least, they just need to stop with the FMV and no in game footage.


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