Monday, 6 June 2011

E3 2011 The ubisoft saga

Well its time for the Ubisoft part of E3. Instead of groaning I will sigh

Rayman, This is said a lot about this one but it does look gorgeous. Say what you like about 3D games, but this one beats them all hands down. Just hope it plays as good as it looks.

The talker seems to have the crowd dead. No applause, no laughter at his jokes

Driver San Francisco, The crowd are still dead with none excitement. How about showing some game in play footage?

Farcry 3, Sigh. All these FPS that are trying to be real are making me sick.

Brothers in arms furious 4, Sigh more playing solider, at least it isn’t taking its self to seriously.

Tin tin, Sigh a movie game. Looks like its trying to be a bit like Flashback, for kids. Ill pass

Ghost Reckon, Again. I think I prefer there classic looking game.

Trackmaina Canyon, Ha the start of this one was funny. Sounded like there mikes where off. Seems interested. I was playing Track Miana a few months back and didn’t really touch the building side of it.

Raving rabbits, Behold a crowd that are not doing anything, I think people are now sick of it. This type of shite was rubbish on the Eyetoy. Now its on Kinect. A load of grown men playing a game like this.

Just dance 3, Sigh. Wow the crowd must be asleep and who can blame them.

Rock Smith, Sigh. A bit late to the party huh Ubi

Your shape, Sigh. Well its slightly rounded. Again a dead crowd and a fast forward from me

Assassins Creed Revelations, Finally life from the crowd, not much but there is some


Congrats that have out crapped Mircosoft with the amount of shite. The presenter was a bit stupid. The “Retro imagining” of games was interesting, if a little off (Commodore 64 games do not look like that).



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