Friday, 11 June 2010

Balls to the pitfalls

Well it is Friday (ok Thursday as I was writing this) and as such it is time to "Get me moan on". As per-usual I seem to get them from playing games while having a brew.

Ok picture the scene. I am there N gage in hand playing on it (I think that's what it was ment for as Im not taking calls on it as it looks like im talking into Cornish pasty holder). So the game I am playing is Sonic N, Im not moaning about that as it is a good game (review coming soon), but there is one thing that narks me off about it, as a matter of fact its the same thing that annoys me about most 2D plat-formers and heck most games with jumping in.
What is this thing?
Well picture this. You are there happily running threw the level then all of a sudden! You fall and fall and fall and then death. So if you didn't know that is called a “Pitfall” (not the game). What are pitfalls? They are holes in the ground that leed to death. A bit unrealistic as nothing can't kill you. Well I say “Nothing can't kill you” if there was some big walking bastard death machine from Satan's sweaty crotch strap called “Nothing” and it was a bit pissed off at you for eating the last chocolate hobnob he probably would kill you, but to my reflection that thing doesn't exist. So nothing can't kill you. I know that they are basically doing is saying that “This fall will kill you” but why not just have something there? Or loop the drop till you hit a floor? At least then there will be something there and thats better than nothing. Its like the grim reaper with a stealth suit is lying there and you land on his mighty boner.
There are even games where you can die from falling off something that is slightly higher than the platform you are on is some cases this can be a pixel difference. If I died every time I jumpped off the sofa I probably wouldn't of lasted long in this world.
These bloody things are annoying especially when they can't be seen coming.
Why are they in games?
To make them more challenging?
Like fug they do.

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  1. Well, I'd say the reason they aren't more interesting can be answered by the very reason they're there - lazy programmers! :P