Thursday, 17 June 2010

Moanin about E3 Ubisoft

Ok Ubisoft time
Start up with Child Eden a REZ sequel of sorts. I will start by saying that it is not like REZ as it isn't as musical. People that played the first REZ will know that shots fired in REZ kinda match the music, in this it doesn't. Probably wont be as good. Even if it looks more sparkly Kinda akin to a Jeff Minter game. Wasn't the first by Sega anyway?
Assassins Creed Brotherhood - So this one is going to be more about online gubins and less about single player? Yay FMV as most people haven't had enough of this already. Building story up is probably best for people that end up buying the game. Ok so now some of the game in play. There's a bit with a canon that seems a bit annoying. So yeah it is more of the same game wise
ShaunWhite – Open with something that looks like a trainer advert. Que talking about Mr Whites life THIS ISNT A FUCKING INTERVIEW SHOW SOME GAMES! It seems like a good idea with some-kind of skateboard of joy making a dull world fun and a game that transforms as you play seems good.
Que some people from a local Laser Quest wandering round it is in-fact something called “Battle Tag” “The thing you guys have been waiting for”? Didn't Sega do a home laser quest with the Lock-on? This seems like fun and yet probably will only be so for a few minutes
Que some more tat. Something to help you breathe pass
Motion Sports – Didn't I do this one already? Yes I think I did. PASS!
You know what's great about not watching these live?
New Rayman Rabbits game – DONT CARE!
Ghost Reckon – YARGABLLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Driver – FMV REALLY!! Unlike in the Need for speed game this is more like a chase game as there are cars in the way. Heck its more like a city. It could be interesting.
Project Dust – Nice FMV bro needs some of the game in play.
Rayman - Funny intro. 2D GAME!!! it works best as 2D well Rayman 3 was ok, but felt a bit broken. I shall look forward to this till it becomes a download only then I AM DISAPPONT!
Mainaplanet – User created games are always hit and miss, but I am interested in this as I like to make things
Michael Jackson – Urgh they really should of made this a lot sooner. Ok its not a game WHATS IT DOING IN E3??

Overall the Ubisoft one was average, but at least unlike the other ones this was more or less games with a bit of crap

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