Thursday, 17 June 2010

Moanin about E3 - EA

Ok its EA time.
I have a history of hate with them as they embody everything I hate about the games industry. So expect me to hate every damn thing they show.
Opens with FMV no surprises there and it turns out to be a new Need for Speed game. “Take it back to its routes” “Re-imagen” Urgh hate it already. Never got on with the need for speed games and this looks like it wont change things. Que waiting for it to load then a FMV sequence that EA loves. While I admit that the idea of taking part in a car chase seems good. Where are the other cars on the road? Why not have traps in the cop car to get them? A spike trap would probably make it more fun.
“Need for speed is back” did it ever go away?
I'm quoting this “Ten great games from ten great company's” Expect shit. Ok maybe not as much if it was “Ten great games from EA” as we all know these company's that make games for EA can make good ones. Then EA comes along and tells them to “Hurry up” and take stuff out so they can add it as a download later.
Dead space 2. I am not going to criticise a game series that I haven't played, ok maybe a little. It seems to have FMV coming out all over the place. To me it just looks like another over the shoulder shooter.
Medal of honor. It leaves World War two as they have done it to death (why always the damn Americans?) and goes to the middle east. Wooo there's some thing new. I covered this in the Sony one.
Battlefield Bad company Vietnam expansion pack. Was met wit ha solitary clap. What's up US? Still pissed off about Nam? Talking about download only stuff SCREEEEEEEEEEW YOOOU EA!
MMA – Two fighters have signed up so far I look forward to a Street Fighter character select screen. Live broadcasting seems like a good idea. With people to criticise your fights. Just hope the game ends up being good other wise this “idea” will bomb faster than .
EA sports Active 2 – To easy PASS! (But lol multi Platform).
Madden NFL – Ill pass. Id be more interested if it wasn't such a rubbish sport.
Sims 3 – Or Big Brother the game. Both are boring shit. Why is he comparing Greek gods to “The Sims”? Note no video footage just pictures if I wanted to see pictures of a game id read a magazine. PASS!
More FPS talk. Great isn't it?
Cyrsis 2 – Why are they showing promo artwork? Oh finally in game footage. iphone adds in game? While I will say that the cinematics look good that's all they do. Oh goody here's more of it with more slow motion than that nipple slip bit in that film with that lass.
Bullet storm – Wooo a FPS. Urgh art work of the game. ACTION IS BETTER!! Looks like they have Dukes mighty boot only powered up a touch. It looks like it might be fun if it had a “Shut the hell up” button as where as the mentioned Duke spoke he didn't have verbal diarrhoea. Looks like the type of game that will get boring quite quickly.
Star Wars the new game – Yawn More FMV with slow motion.

In closing the EA one had lots of pretty pictures. That is not what people go to a show to see as its not a art gallery and a over use of FMV where as this makes a good movie it makes a lousy game. It EA one was not as bad as the Sony one it was still rubbish.

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