Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Moaning about E3 -Nintendo

Ok so I am watching the Nintendo E3 thingy first as I came up with this idea today. The idea of doing a moan about each of the live conferences.
They will be a bit long and typed as I watched the streams and I have missed a few so there will be a catch up

Technology is a tool?
It is a tool for both good and evil.
Good tech is like a mouse.
Bad tech is like a mouse.
Ok thats the same thing twice, but a mouse can be great for computer based things but is rubbish for getting us drinks, but can be used as some kind of flail so its not all bad.

Ok so Zelda.
I admit that a shiver went down my spine on this one as any Zelda fan will know THAT TUNE! (heck a sod like me has the open chest jingle ans a incoming text tune)
The darkness is gone. GOOD!! I'm getting a bit sick of this whole “lulz its so dark” stuff Ok so I have moaned about the amount of black in these new games. This new Zelda seems to of adjusted the contrast. So great for me SUCK IT to those emo kids that don't like things that have a bit of colour on them. I personally am not a fan of overly realistic games as if I wanted realism id GO OUTSIDE, but probably not while waving a sword round trying to save some girl from a dragon thing while drinking mystic potions bought from some old lady that works in a shop with more different potions. Speaking of those mystic things.
Giant mushrooms? Isn't that Marios thing?
Sword beams? Nice to see them back. To bad they take a bit of time to charge up where as all of us that played the old 2D ones will know that it used to require full heath.
So now we are able to swing the sword at the angle we want to there is some thing that they promised IN THE FIRST WII ZELDA!!
I wonder what happened to the way that they said shooting arrows would be done when you had to pull back on the nunchuck in Twilight princess? Well they seem to of put it in this one even if it didn't work on the demo they are showing (technical difficulty).
They old item screen has gone which is a shame even if it broke up the action of the game.
A new thing is a beetle thing that you can fly round. To me its a bit urghmehhuuuumerrrm? As I don't know what to make of it. It might be good. It might be an excuse for me to grown about it being a bit to hard to use.
A whip as well?
I hope it has a mini game where you whip Zelda for our enjoyment. Heck some preserve sods ;like me would probably play that for hours all while probably imagining that its me getting whipped by Zelda while she is in some fetching S&M number.......................Ok ill keep my fantasy's to me self
I am a Zelda fan so ill buy it anyway.

Next thy had
At least this one isn't just one sport. From what I have seen it had volleyball (lulz Sega did it) and basketball. ILL PASS!!!
Now the buggers on about Wii sales. WHO CARES? We know its sold well keep it for the office as all we want are THE GAMES!!
“Wii owners play there systems more than others”
Wait what? Mines not been plugged in in months. My 360 has been on more than that and I HAVE LESS GAMES FOR THAT! Meh you know what my PS2 has spent more time on than them )probably due to games for it being cheap)
Looks like Mario has lost his job on that. ILL PASS!! its probably going to be one of those that requires friends and beer or little kids and in this flat I don't have the room for all of them
Urgh a dance game with annoying pop music that got a “ARGGGH” outa me. At least I don't have to buy or play this shite.
Golden Sun dark dawn?
Ok there's that “Dark” thing again I haven't really played any of the others of it, which is shame on me as I hear they are by Team Sonic the people that made the Shining games (don't let that put you off the ones on the Saturn are really good).
Oh look. A new GoldenEye game.
Don't get me wrong fan boys I didn't like it and to me with the last GoldenEye title (err wasn't it EA?) got slated by fans. I'm not looking forward to this as I preferred Perfect Dark which is a bit of a strange thing to say as if it wasn't for the former it wouldn't be for the later. So bring us a sequal to that. Oh wait you didn't make it Rare did and right now they are Mircosofts bitch and are forced to make games that are ranked as “OK” instead of making games that are considerd as “THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST!”
Epic Mickey was next up. Errrm. Yep it looks decent. Yes you saw me put the words “Looks decent” in a sentence for a Disney game. Ok and it has those god damn 3D plat-forming sections, but WHATS THIS? A 2D platform bit? This reminds me of Mickeys wild adventure (never liked it, but it sold really well back when I was in that inde game store). Just hope that there's a lot of these as they look good and have a camera that's zoomed out so you can see where your jumping so no leaps of faith that can destroy peoples like mine enjoyment in the game im playing. (moan about that pending)
Also lol to Reggie talking about “hardened games” while pointing at himself. I wont judge him as I don't know his gaming past.
New Kirby?
AND ITS 2D?AND IT LOOKS different!!?
Who needs lardy dar million pixel characters when you can have something that looks “Arty” like this. This looks quite good and has so much colour its like a trip down to the preschool while on those mushrooms I mentioned earlier.(or like watching Disney Kids)

Dragonquest I wont pass judgement on as I haven't played any of them yet.
I know that's a bit weird coming from somebody that likes the series called Gintama (note the person that made that bloody loves them games and points out that during most episodes)

Metroid another M
The video showed a hell of a lot of ruining round doing nothing, but running round with the usual Team Ninja boss moments. I should pay more attention to these newer games, but I wont so live with it.

This is good news to somebody like me that hates 3D plat-formers. (Note to self play Donkey Kong country's again)

So now he is talking about the 3DS and 3D I am with him on the whole glasses things as I don't wont eye-where while im relaxing (the sodding parrot will try to get at them).
Ohh smoke and a DS on a pedestal.
So it has a analogue pad (they are calling it a slide pad). EXPECT GAMECUBE PORTS!!! It looks like the DSi and DSiXL have been at it as this looks like the top half is a DSiXL and the bottom is a Dsi with a analogue stick bumping down the D-pad. Two cameras? 3D pictures? Movement tracking? Movement and hand helds is always a bad thing and you can put that down to personal experience as that pesky sun stops us from enjoying games (ok so Botkai made us have to play outside. I wont explain why just get the damn game and enjoy the summer). Movies? Well I admit this is a nice thing but from what they have said these films are all shovelware crap films made to sell crappy toys till the next one comes out. If I want kids films id watch some Studio Ghilbi stuff while wanting to have the money to own a life sized Totoro so I can enjoy those damn mushrooms I keep mentioning while thinking im in a anime land where I can punch peoples heads off and be called “A hero”.
New Pit game?
DAT VOICE!! There's something I don't like from the start. (sub titles please so I can mute it). The combat looks a bit like Sin and Punishment and that's a good thing, but still DAT VOICE!! The game it self looks alrightacus as a mater of fact it looks goodacus.
New Nintendogs met with a urgh from the crowd and from me it is not a game as there is no point to it. There is no end to it.
Going threw all the different companys and what they are making for the Wii cheers for most then came EA “.....................” Yeah next to nobody gives a shit what EA are gonna be farting out this year with a number htats one higher than the others. A new Ridge Racer is always welcomed by me as they are games where its more like select car race, not select car, spend half a hour tuning it, chose colour, chose tires, chose track, choose time, get a brew mirror signal DRIVE!
The 3DS promo advert was funny. (Did I see a red shell? Dose that mean a new Mario kart?).
I just hope that the 3D games on it aren't all about running towards the screen with something chasing you.
THEN! Out come a load of “Both babes” with 3DSs strapped to them so no sods can nick them (shame). Ok it will probably be fun playing with a lass with a strap on but not like this

Overall the Nintendo one was great they seemed to be taking a step back into 2D with a lot of there games.
Dose this mean the they are getting over this whole 3D games phase? With there main console and going back to there 2D routes?

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