Monday, 22 February 2010

All-aboard the hype train

Right I have gotten my cuppa and a small snack that is mostly sugar so its time to "Get My Moan On"

This moan is powered by what ever the fark Planet Rock plays.

Hype. There's a lot of it about, weather its for a new movie (Avatar in looking at you), book (No I don't want to hear about a day in some person that's famous for being on TV once). a TV program (Heroes springs to mind). the iPad (SHUT UP ABOUT IT) or some new store that is meant to be cheap but ends up going out of business as it made no profit on anything. What I'm getting at here is there's a lot of hype about for things, but this is a games based moan. So about games it shall be.

I recently bought a game (I know big shocker) based on the hype it got about how good it was. I knew very little about it besides it was a RPG and my love of RPGs and the price made me buy it. So I got it home and played it and to my surprise about a hour in and the talking ended a five minute battle later it was back to the talking, then a few more hours later I got to choose what to say next followed by more talking. I saved the game and stopped playing so I asked some fans of it on-line "When does the game become a game and less of a game and it turns out that they forgot to mention its also a "Social interaction" game (you play out somebody's life) great so very little in the way of entertainment more like a interesting soap opera, if I wanted to read loads of text id rea one of the books on my "READ" pile.

I was sucked in by the hype around its purposed really good storyline and really good battles, my instincts told me not to get it as it had "Squaresoft" on the cover (They published it in the UK) and to me there games are all hype.

Well there's a new Halo out soon and already its got the front page of Edge magazine AGAIN! The hype about it has started to build up like a pile of rubbish that hasn't been collected over the Christmas period and rubbish it is.

And that afore mentioned magazine likes to hype up games. Then they come out and they hate them.

I do remember Sega Saturn Magazine hyping up the home port of "The House of the Dead" making it sound like its going to be the best home port ever. In truth?

Shoddy wasn't the word for it and that screen flash (older gun games had to know where the gun was pointed so the flash was it telling the game where you shot) became really annoying when in a boss battle in two player (me and a mate hardly saw anything of the final boss as the screen was white most the time)

On the rare occasion a game does live up to the hype, but the last one I can remember was Portal and good it was so from now on im going to ignore all this hype and just wait for the game to come out, then wait a bit longer till it drops down in price.

Thanks for reading.

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