Monday, 22 February 2010

Episodic content its like a loaf of bread with other slices later

Right its time to "Get my moan on"
This one its powered by Lancashire tea and by Foucus
because panpipes can sound good in something thats mad

Bodine typed
"I think the whole episode thing is a good idea. Makes it feel kinda epic, like Star Wars, or Lord of the Rings,... OR STAR WARS! big grin"
I typed
"Not if your gona be paying for each one and they each will probably last for about half a hour.
Plus download only?
It feels like im paying for nothing at all!
nothing at all!
nothing at all!
nothing at all!
nothing at all!
Anyway im wasting good material here that would be better used on a moan"
And where is that moan

Yeah so Episodic content.
Its like buying a loaf of bread, but then having to wait for the rest of it.
As a whole there is a lot of episodic content out there.
Theres TV yeah how many of you have said "I cant wait till next weeks episode" on some of your programs it even goes on to films with things like StarWars (yeah that was confusing with the newer episodes set before the older ones), back to the future and Evil Dead, then theres also comics and manga, theres also files that are in parts, but this is a bloody games based moan so we move on to the games side of things.
This "Episodic content" is not a new thing, oh dear me no,
The Wiki says the first one was
"One of the first episodic games was the Kroz series, a seven-part series of games featuring similar text-based graphics and gameplay, with renewed levels. These were not released on a regular schedule, but were sold in packages, with the first episode being available freely as shareware."
To me the first one I remember was Sonic the Hedgehog 3 with the follow on being Sonic and Knuckles, but that was not a shameless cash-in as Sonic and Knuckles could be enjoyed on its own (or with Sonic 2 plugged in to play as Knuckles IN SONIC 2!!!!!!!!!!). Fast forward a few years and the next one I can remember was Shining Force three. That was a pain in the thing im sitting on or arse as only the first part every got a translation into the Queens English, so we missed out on the rest of the story and as we all know the story line is a key part to a RPG.
Fast forward to the internet age now its becoming a developers lazy way of making money where they charge money for downloading something (ill get on to my Download only moan at a later date) the most recent of these is Sonic 4.
(Its starting to look like all of my moans are focused round that blue hedgehog)
Hooray! A 2D Sonic game the world is a better place now as theres a new 2D Sonic game coming out for a home console, Or is it?
Yeah its a download only thing and its in parts and the parts thing to me gives it a "Ill finish it later" feel to it.
Id rather have the damn thing come out when its all done in one nice little pack so I dont get that "TO BE CONTINUED" message about a hour in.
With it being in parts it makes it feel like paying for a demo of it and nobody likes paying for demos.
Its no longer the 90s where internet was all dail up and slow (you had to take a day off to download the latest episode of DragonballZ in a video definition that would look shitty on most mobiles today) so we paid a fiver for a mag with a disc on it just to get a taste for the latest game, but at least then there was going to be a few games to try out and it was only a fiver, plus if the demos where all crap you got a nice little coaster to put your drinks on.
But with these modern games coming out in instalments that we have to pay each time to play
Why not a flat out fee for all of them then you get the rest as they come out?
Why not just get us to wait till its done then bring it all out?
I might as well wait for it all to be out and buy it all at once, but that means that there will be sods on-line trying to spoil it (Like what happens when theres a film with a twist at the end somebody always say the end if they have seen it before you just to be a dick.

Sod it ill wait for it all then get it at once.
As long as I dont see that "To be continued" screen im happy.
Now about that bread I mentioned.
Its time to have the first part of my episodic daily food
Episode one "Breakfast"

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